most impressive beauty products of the year… (so far!)

I am so excited to share this video collab with you guys, as not only do I love the theme of the video, but I also truly adore all three of the girls I am teaming up with on this. Samantha SchuermanMallory1712, and MrsLolalynn are all incredible beauty gurus with some of the best beauty tips and finds, and they are some of the sweetest most genuine girls out there. If you’re not already subscribed to their channels, you best get going to do that right about now.

For this video, we wanted to share with you guys the Most Impressive Beauty (and Fashion) Products of the Year…so far. It’s kind of like a mid year check in on what’s truly impressed us most and what’s quickly making it’s way into our category of favorites.

Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 11.43.11 AM

So after you watch this, make sure to head over to the rest of the girls, because I’m know they have some Goodness to share as well!!!

Mallorys Favorites
Sams Favorites
Lauras Favorites

| Products Mentioned |
Irresistible Me Extensions: (10% off through link)
Michael Todd Soniclear: (20% discount through link)
Agave Healing Oil & Iron
Figi Sugar Scrub
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder
Cover FX BB Gel
Younique Mascara
Physicians Formula Liquid Liner
Cativa waterproof liner
Boo Boo Cover up Concealer
Forever 21 Shimmer Shadow
Cover FX Highlight in Sunlight
Milani Lipsticks
Bite Beauty

FTC: This is not a sponsored video. While some products are sent to me, I will always share my honest opinion of everything that I try and review on my channel. I will never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Some links above may be affiliate.

It’s your turn! Share in the comments below what beauty products have you most impressed so far this year!!!


quiet time with the Lord when you’re not a morning person

I realize that may not be the catchiest of blog post titles, but it certainly describes well the exact struggle I have always had in creating the habit of a daily quiet time with the Lord.


I’m still not quite sure what God had in mind when he created me to get my best hours of sleep during the early morning hours, all the while my children are getting their best hours of AWAKE at the exact same time. It also makes it quite difficult to be that mom who gets up early to meet with Jesus over coffee (which is another thing I have an aversion to) before my children are awake.

But, if I’m being completely honest….even if they were sleeper inners…I would STILL most likely  not want to get up that early.

I love Jesus. But I love him better when I get good sleep.

With all that said….After a tearful heart to heart with one of my closest friends, we knew we needed to come up with a way to create a daily habit of quiet time with the Lord and NOT have it associated necessarily with mornings and coffee.

And so here’s our version of quiet time & our accountabilty to it…for those, perhaps, that are not necessarily morning moms either. (Although this system will still work for those lucky ones that are!): The Better Mom: My Kind of Quiet Time.



10 summer essentials to love right now!

I’m just getting back from an amazing weekend away at SheSpeaks, and my brain is swirling with information, excitement and a refreshed creativity. It’s incredible what spending time with like minded women can do for your soul…but more on that later, when I’ve collected all my thoughts.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 8.38.26 AM

Today I wanted to share with you 10 Summer Essentials I am absolutely loving right now with this fun Summer Lovin’ Tag going around YouTube. Of course, as always, I most definitely want to hear your answers as well so either make a video of your own, or leave your answers in a comment below!

1. Summer lipstick you’re loving?
2. Summer nail polish you’re loving?
3. Bikini you’re loving this summer?
4. Favorite summer Frappuccino from Starbucks?
5. Favorite fake tan?
6. Favorite summer song?
7. Favorite summer accessory?
8. Favorite summer fragrance/perfume?
9. Summer book you’re loving?
10. What are you most excited to do this summer?

And in case you missed it, our Saldana Fam Cam with my BEST tips on how to pack a carry on suitcase as well as Jimmys intense Facebook Dilemma went up yesterday! Go check it out and hang out with us!




saldana fam cam: intermittent fasting, surfing lessons, workouts & makeup!

I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again, I am truly loving this new vlogging tradition we have started in our family. Time is going so fast (although it doesn’t much feel like it today. ie: summer vacation. ie: kids always around each other. ie: fighting. ie: i’m going a little nutso.)…okay, what was I saying???

Um ya, that time is going so fast with my kids growing up, and I honestly don’t want to miss a moment. Last week was definitely one of my favorites so far this summer, as the kids are finally starting to get into the whole surfing thing, which has been Jimmy’s dream of a lifetime. I love that I was able to capture that “first” of theirs.

We also spent a ton of time at the bay relaxing and getting sunburned (I’ll have a video/post up soon of how I healed it overnight!!!), and then there was THE sweetest thing that happened that my kids have EVER ever done for me so far. That moment honestly is still carrying me through almost a week later…that’s just how much speaking someone’s love language will do for them. {Husbands, pay attention.}

I’m still learning how to do this whole vlogging thing correctly in a way that captures our life and is entertaining to watch, but isn’t overkill and still respects my kids privacy with what they feel comfortable sharing. Oh the balance that is motherhood.

Hope you guys enjoy!


summers lovin’: health & beauty weekly favorites

Hey guys!

I’m a tad late in posting this, but from now on, every Saturday I’ll sharing the highlight products of my week with you all!

So, here’s what I loved most last week…health & beauty related!

And make sure to let me know too, what you guys have been loving as well!

Giveaway Winner: Laura Vitt ~ Email me your address!

Products Mentioned!
For information on how to order the Access Bars email:!!
Purely Elizabeth Granola
~ Organics Salads
Kind Bars
Batiste Dry Shampoo Light & Blonde
~ Urban Decay Half Baked
Loreal Infallible Amber Rush
~ Pacifica Eyeshadow Treasure
Wet n Wild Vicious Varnish
~ Em Lipstick in Wow Pink
Cover Girl Colorlicious in Fruitylicious
Maybelline Hi-Lite Blush in Pink Rose
Andalou Naturals Night Cream


quick and healthy snack ideas and recipes

I have been in full “get healthy & lose weight” mode these last few months, and I could never survive any kind of weight loss if I didn’t have some healthy and delicious snack options that were also quick and easy.

Because when we’re feeling hungry AND deprived, at least in this family, there is not a lot of preparation time allowed to happen. We want food and we want it now.

So, my friend Dani (stylebydani) and I got together to share with you guys 8 of our most delicious and healthy go to snacks. Whether it’s for weight loss, summertime, or just to get healthy over all, these snacks are sure to make your taste buds and your tummy (not to mention your mood) very happy.


{Chocolate energy bites recipe}

And make sure to leave a comment if you have any ideas to share as well!!!


a girlfriends guide to life, style & beauty

I’ve spent a lot, A LOT, of time thinking about where I want to go with my blog & YouTube over this last year.
Maybe too much actually, which is definitely not always a good thing, since it’s in those moments of overthinking that I find myself paralyzed and unable to tap into any kind of creativity.

Oh the woes of being a middle child.

But, when I really spend time thinking over this and praying on what I should do, I always come back to knowing that I definitely love sharing what I know to be true of me…and I remind myself what matters most is that I STAY true to me and my focus…despite the process.

I just want to live, learn, and enjoy this life I have been blessed with, and I definitely don’t want to do any of that alone.

I am that girl who when I find something I love or learn something new, I immediately think of who I can tell or who else just has to know. I call my best friends, I text my sisters…I get to Facebooking or sharing an Instagram picture…I just never want to keep what I’m excited about to myself. {oversharer maybe?!? ha!}

And more than anything I just love connecting with other women, whether it’s through sharing our personal stories or by sharing our favorite shade of lipstick…I truly love it all.

So with all that said, I wanted to create a little video sharing my heart in all that I’m doing, and thank each of you from the depths of my heart for continuing on in this journey with me!

lots of love!

being a better mom means saying “me too”

There was once a time where I wondered if God had made a mistake allowing me to be a mom. I felt I was failing much too often, and when I looked around and compared myself to other moms around me, I was certain I was the worst of them all.

Those early years were long and hard and tiring, but I realize now that I would never had survived them if I hadn’t been willing to share the truth of my heart and the reality of my days with the other moms in my life, and especially with the moms I had yet to know from my blog.

Saying and hearing “me too” can save us…even when it seems scary and vulnerable to say so. And today on my post over at A Better Mom, I’m sharing my journey and just how God has proven time and again, that we were never meant to walk this road alone.

Click here TO READ MORE on A Better Mom…

beauty hauls, weekly workouts, what we eat & smoothie recipes

Every Sunday from here on out, I am starting a new thing on my YouTube channel where I upload a vlog video from the week. My kids are growing so fast, and so much is happening in our life, that I don’t want to miss a thing. Plus, I love watching other people vlogs and getting little snapshots into their real life, and so I thought it would be fun to do something similar as well.

Some weeks may be more chit chat, some weeks more beauty, and some may have more of the kids & Jimmy than anything else. But each week I want to capture the essence of our life and interests so that we can always look back and see where we were at that time of our life.

I really hope you guys subscribe and join my family each week in all that do and love!


summer’s lovin: weekly favorites ~ makeup organization, cover fx, hourglass & more

Every week, most likely on Saturday, I’m going to be doing a new thing on my YouTube channel where I share the products (beauty, health, food, workouts, etc.) that I most loved that week. I love hearing what other people use and love, so I hope that you guys find this fun and helpful as well!

This is not a sponsored video. I will always share my honest opinion of everything that I try and review on my channel. I will never accept payment in exchange for a positive review. Some links below may be affiliate.

~ Weekly Favorites ~
CoverFx Blemish Primer (coming soon!!!)
NYX Lipliner in Fuschia
Milani Lipstick in Rose Amour
Milani Lipstick in Rose Hip
Covergirl Colorlicious in Fruitylicious
Jane Eye Primer
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Under Eye Concealer
Hourglass Ambient Powder
Andalou Naturals Night Cream


Now tell me, what did you guys love most this week?