blogging has changed, and so have i

One thing I’ve learned in taking these last few months off from blogging, is that blogging has changed in so many ways…and in so many ways, so have I.

I’m not sure that ever in my whole life have I ever gone as long as I just have without writing.
And I know for certain I’ve never gone quite this long without even thinking about or having the desire at least to write.

It’s like when I set out to simply take a break and breathe over the holidays, I literally hung my hat…and walked away without giving words another thought.
And the really weird thing?

It felt so good.

I felt so free.

Which even still, months later, feels so unfamiliar… as writing to me has always been my freedom.
My place to breathe.
My source of comfort, as mostly it was my chance to truly process what God was doing and working on within me.

Only, over the years of writing here on my blog…I got caught up, and it became less about writing, and more about blogging…which I’ve come to realize are often two different things.

Blogging has changed, blogs have changed, and the way so many of us feel about blogging and blogs has changed.
I just don’t know that I fit the mold.
I realize now that maybe I never did.

I don’t have page after page of pinnable pictures, as I’d rather it be that my words were all the pictures we might need.

I’ve discovered that writing for me, is digging deep and sharing my heart, as agonizing as it may be….and less about becoming a Pinnable Trending Content Creator.

I don’t know that I want to give tips as much as I want to share life.

It may be a little quieter here doing it this way, but I’ve begun to find comfort in that stillness over the last few months. For I’d much rather enjoy the silence, than be caught up in the noise of not living authentically who I am and who God created me to be.


And so I won’t quit, but as I continually come back to time and time again, it’s that I have to do this in a way that’s genuine and authentic to me.

And so that has been my prayer throughout these last few months, to truly find the balance that works for me and where I am in my life right now.

So when I can and when it fits and when it’s on my heart, I will be here writing and sharing and praying that we are able to connect right where we are in whatever stage we’re in.

And sometimes… when life is busy and my marriage or my kids or our fostering takes over… there will always be the blessing of micro-blogging over on social media (links over on the right sidebar!) which allows us to stay connected in a way that sometimes is all we can manage.

Either way, I am so excited to continue this journey of unbecoming everything we’re not, and truly living out our lives in exactly the way God intended us to…together.




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  1. Oh, this post is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing who you really are, not what you’re supposed to be by others’ social standards. :)

  2. Love this. Thank you for writing this. God bless you. ❤️

  3. Summer, I absolutely love that quote you have. It so accurately reflects everything I have been feeling lately. Thank you. And for the record, I am totally pinning it 😉

  4. Oh my goodness, such an amazing post, I think there are so many people out here in blog land that feel that exact same way! Summer, you are an amazing person, I truly loved this post!

  5. I saw your quote on Pinterest about unbecoming and loved it! so, naturally I clicked over to see what it was all about and I couldn’t agree with you more. Over a year ago I became a little disenchanted with the whole blogging world, but I plugged through with a few posts here and there. In October of last year I did the 31 days of writing challenge and then slowed way down. Since Christmas, I have only written two or three posts and one of those was about what I’m not doing. I am still on a break and plan to go back, but have no specific plans. This is a very weird place for me to be – this not wanting to write for a while. So, maybe in our new philosophy of blogging, or maybe I should say our new awareness of what we are unbecoming, we will run into each other now and again.

  6. We need God’s guidance throughout our lives, from youth to old age. And whenever we have the decision to make—be it about recreation, dress and grooming, association, employment, education, or anything else—we act if we follow God’s guidelines. In truth, there is no end to the situations in which we need guidance.

  7. “I’ve discovered that writing for me, is digging deep and sharing my heart, as agonizing as it may be….and less about becoming a Pinnable Trending Content Creator.

    I don’t know that I want to give tips as much as I want to share life.”

    I absolutely agree! What a nice way to say it. I started my own blog to talk about the life I am living and all it’s recent big changes : getting married, moving to a small town, questions about my goals in life. :)