what i loved & where i’ve been: me time, drugstore beauty & should we spoil our kids?

It was a slow week for me online…
I think April may just be a bust for me when it comes to consistent blogging & keeping up, but I am so looking forward to May when things settle down for just a bit, and I can settle back into a routine! The older I get, the more I realize I love routine. Is that weird? And I weird?
Don’t answer that.

Next week I’ll be back in the Dominican Republic, so I’ll post when I have internet, hopefully updating you with posts & videos on all that we’re doing over there. I am beyond excited to get back to my home away from home, and hug all those beautiful souls, reminding them that not a day has passed that I haven’t thought of and prayed for them. Would love it if you’d all keep us in your prayers!

~ What I Loved ~

Cotton Candy Ice Cream (Skinny Confidential): My sister sent this link to me the other night, and it looks so delicious! Definitely need to try this out ASAP. If you beat me to it, let me know your thoughts!

How much “me” time is too much? (The Better Mom): This is a never ending battle going on inside me…how DO I find the balance between rest and sacrifice? How do you?

Train your thoughts (Peak 313): I loved this post from my sweet friend, Clare. Our family has been making an extra effort to work on our thoughts & things we talk about, and this post touched on exactly where we’ve been.

~ Where I’ve Been ~

Le Musings YouTube:
2014 Spring Beauty Essentials
Vitacost Haul/Unboxing ~ My latest order
March Beauty Favorites
The Best Beauty Products at the Drugstore
Quick & Affordable Travel Tips & Products You Can’t Go Without

SheKnows Mommalogues:
Do you think there’s anything wrong with spoiling your kids?
Over the top proposals: Yes or No?
Should vaccinating kids be mandatory?
What’s one thing single people don’t understand about being married?
What’s your pet name for your spouse?


What have you guys loved & where have you been?
Please share!



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