i don’t speak french: my blog title explained


I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room….or rather, le elephante.

And that would be….I don’t actually speak french.
I know.
Most of you are probably quite surprised what with my FRENCH title and all.

But, no.
I speak not even a little.
Or would that be “poquito?”

Oh wait, that’s spanish.
I prove my point.

I do, however, LOVE Moulin Rouge.  So much in fact, that Come What May was our wedding song.  And because I love Moulin Rouge and I danced to a song sung by people who pretended to be french, I somehow relate a bit with the french speakers.
{i also like cheese.  AND FRENCH BREAD!  see?  so much in common!}

And so, that is why one night, long ago, when I stayed up after taking an Ambien….I started a blog.

And on that hazy night, a blog was named:
Le Musings of Moi. 

Yes, I now know it’s supposed to be written LES Musings of Moi.
{and even then, pretty sure the arrangement of words is wrong as well…save that for another post!}

From what I gathered over the years of anon commenters (and some not so anonymous),
here’s the real deal…..
Les is pronounced LAY.  Les is the female form.
Le is pronounced LUH, Le is the male form.
{i think.  just hang tight, i’m sure there will be email confirmation on that ANY second now…}

But, listen.
Ambien didn’t know that.
Ambien doesn’t speak french either.
{unless, of course, a french person is taking it…but that’s way beside my point}

Other things Ambien doesn’t know?
That it really shouldn’t order books off Amazon, especially when they happen to be cookbooks, and I have never cooked a day in my life.

It doesn’t know that sending emails or texts TRYING to be either funny, sentimental, or wise….
is not only none of the above…
but will be FULL of spelling errors AND will not be remembered the following morning.
Except by the confused and possibly disturbed person receiving said email.

All Ambien knows is that what it wants, it wants…
and what it likes,  it likes.

And when Ambien watches Moulin Rouge late at night, and Come What May plays it’s way into my little feeling heart…a blog is born.

Le Musings of Moi.

And if all that isn’t proof that no REALLY, I don’t speak french…
This is how I sound when I sing Lady Marmalade:
boo loo coo vey a les bwa…le sha….


I did get the les part right there though, I think.
And we wonder why they hate us.
How about I just stop with the awkward blog title?

you’ll be happy to hear, i quit the ambien.
especially you french speakers.

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”

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  1. “boo loo coo vey a les bwa…le sha….” Bwhahahahahaa!!! I’m a lurker, and that alone got me out of the dark shadows to post a comment! Hilarious! Love, love, love your blog!

  2. freakin hilarious!

  3. J’adore!

    (… Or something.)

    I obviously don’t speak French either. I CAN say “cheese” (fromage!) which I guess would come in handy if I were ever being photographed in France. Although once I actually WAS photographed when we visited the Eiffel Tower, and I didn’t say “fromage,” so I guess it really doesn’t come in handy after all.

    Anyway. My point is. I like the blog title … whether it’s proper or not. :)

  4. This is the best story behind a blog name I have ever read. I love it and I love you.

  5. haha I heart you so much! So are you going to change it to les? Or is that too much trouble? I don’t mind either way because you’re still fabulous to me! 😀

  6. i haven’t quit my ambien, i am in love with it.

  7. That’s hilarious! Especially your version of the words to Lady Marmalade.

    If you really want to know (if i am being a know-it-all just ignore me)

    Le- is masculine singular
    La – is feminine singular
    Les – is plural, masculine or feminine

    So, in the case of your blog name, ‘les’ would be grammatically correct. I’m a stickler for grammar and other nerdy language stuff, but your blog is so fun, who cares?

    You do know the real words to the song, right? It’s not one to be mindlessly singing under your breath in France.

    Bonne Journée! (have a nice day)

  8. It doesn’t need to be the right way of spelling it! It’s your blog and I love it the way it is :)

  9. LOL! Fun post – I have forever referred to myself as Moi (and has a label on my blog for moi). And LOVE Moulin Rouge

  10. Amazing how middle of the night musings can result in great blog titles! Mine came to me at 3 a.m. during an insomnia fest that lasted for about a week.

  11. Hysterical! Love the background as to how you got there. 😉

  12. I’ll bet people have done way worse and more embarrassing things on Ambien. This is just a cute, silly story. And well told.

  13. Very funny! I don’t speak French either. But one time on the way to take some French people camping I listened to a French CD and proceeded to wow them all with my new found ability to say my colors in francais.

  14. C’est magnific! I’ve known people to get in car accidents on ambien, so forgetting the “s” on “les” is acceptable, but thanks for the explanation. It made me laugh.

  15. Not awkward… It makes perfect sense to me! (Too funny!)

    Congratulations on your SITS day!

  16. Lol your blog really am one of those site that makes me giggle a little. Funny how not learning something can actually be fun to think about. I don’t speak French but I like to learn the language very much. Specially how to use the moi moi word heheheh

    Ruth Sayson

  17. THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! I wondered about your title, now I know, and now you’ve changed it! C’est la vie!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist. I don’t speak French either. I do also love brie and French bread.) Please, please, please come to Allume – another mispronounced French word. See, it’s a sign. :)


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