blending beauty with balance | #thebeautybalance

The beauty balance really all started with this:

“Consistency breeds Credibility.”

This is one of those quotes that sits with me often and settles into my mind while I attempt to blend some balance throughout my life.

There is so much I want to do and so many things I long to be, and yet when I strive to take them all on at once I lose my balance and fall short in nearly every area.

There is no consistency, no credibility, no balance…which ultimately leaves behind a bitter taste of feeling unconnected.


And it is these three C’s tumbling around in my mind that have led me to this 31 day writing challenge hosted by The Nester (who you will love).

It’s where God has me.
And it’s what God is laying on my heart to be and to share.

And so I’m committing to be present here and purposeful in my writing and content, prayerfully choosing to share for 31(ish) days on Blending Beauty with Balance.

Brushes for makeup on pink background

As I shared the other day, it’s true that I love beauty, style, and fashion…I mean, I just experience such a giddy joy in finding a fabulous shade of lipstick. And yet, even though that may be a lot of the content both here and on my YouTube channel, what brings an even greater joy to my soul, is living that beauty, and knowing that the beauty we delight in is truly a reflection of our Creator.

It’ll be a fun and encouraging 31 days….sharing tips and tricks, while digging deeper, finding purpose, and blending beauty with balance — all with a heart of intention.

I hope you’ll come back each day and join along in #thebeautybalance conversation, and I’ll be sure to link each post back to this page, so that there will be a landing spot for all of the 31(ish) posts.

And of course…to make it even easier to follow along, I encourage you to subscribe to my blog so you’ll never miss an update!

Day 2: The monthly beauty box balance | Beauty Box 5
Day 3: Best of Life. Health. Beauty | Girl Chat
Day 4: Saldana Fam Cam: My inner struggles with comparison
Day 5: The work at home, stay at home, mom balance
Day 6: Be still
Day 7: How to shop healthy on a budget
Day 8: Adorned from the inside out
Day 9: Top 5 Weekly Beauty Faves
Day 10: Saldana Fam Cam: Sprouts Grocery Haul & The Best Smoothie Ever
Day 11: Bulu Health & Weight Loss Box
Day 12: The Comparison Cure
Day 13: How to straighten hair with minimum damage
Day 14: Yay or Nay? Reviews on the products I’ve used up!
Day 15: Saldana Fam Cam: Healthy Grocery Hauls & a New Family Member
Day 16: Summer’s Lovin’: Top 5 Beauty Favorites of the Week
Day 17: Saldana Fam Cam: Whole Foods Haul, Kayla Itsines & Funny Yoga
Day 18: The Greatest Beauty Truths We Can Ever Know
Day 19: Erin Condren Life Planner vs. Whitney English Day Designer
Day 20: We Are His Poem, We Are His Masterpiece: A Pastors Perspective
Day 21: Makeup Totally Worth Buying

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what i loved & where i’ve been: spring cleaning, mothers day & school dress codes for parents

What I loved…

10 Healthy Smoothies (FabFitFun): I am a smoothie obsessed girl, and I’m always on the lookout for super healthy but ultra tasty recipes to change things up. I recently found this list, and I can’t wait to try them all!

Ballet Beautiful – Lean Legs & Butt Workout (BeFit): I am full on the fitness train right now, having given up gluten, dairy and sugar for 21 days (Day 18 and no cheats!!!). And in addition to making dietary changes, I wanted to get back into a regular workout routine as well. I’m starting slow with 3 days a week, and hoping that by June when things slow down a bit that I’ll be able to fit in at most 5. Right now I’m doing a little Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis and then adding on a little something extra at the end for a boost. This week was all about this bridge series, which seriously has had my thighs on FI-YAH all week.

Spring Cleaning Series (CleanMySpace): I have once again been absent a bit online this week because I am knee deep in Spring Cleaning my house, going through every single closet, drawer, cupboard and bedroom in the house. Our monthly challenge for May is Finishing Projects (more on that next week), and on that list has been decluttering and getting rid of all the excess, so this week it’s been all I’ve done. This YouTube Channel has always been amazing and inspiring, and I am absolutely loving the Spring Cleaning series.


Where I’ve been…

Le Musings YouTube: Because of Spring Cleaning, making and editing YouTube videos has been last on my priority list, but I was able to at least get one up! My Best Hair Care Tips & Tricks for healthy happy hair!

SheKnows Mommalogues:

If you could spend Mothers Day without kids, would you?

Do you feel the pressure to be a better Pinterest Mom?

What types of seasonal allergens does your family deal with?

Do you think schools should have a dress code for parents?


Happy Mothers Day!!!



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what i loved & where i’ve been: giving up sugar, most challenging stage of parenting & a go to weekend outfit

I’m not going to lie…I’ve been suffering a bit from PMS (post missions trip syndrome) these last few weeks, and taking it slow on my blog & YouTube channel to instead spend more time with my husband and kids has been just what I needed to recover. I needed to find balance, and also I gave up sugar/gluten/dairy (my poor husband), so the combination may have made my brain cells even more foggy (and emotional) than normal.

But slowly I feel myself getting my groove back, and I’m hoping that by next week I’ll easily fall back into more of routine in all areas of my life, blogging & filming included.

In the meantime, let’s get caught up on where I’ve been & what I’ve loved.

First…Where I’ve been…

A Eulogy for Twitter (The Atlantic): I’ve been struggling with twitter lately, so this caught my attention…maybe I’m not the only one not feeling it like I used to?

Are your beliefs keeping you stuck? (Michael Hyatt): It seems so simple when people like Michael Hyatt lay it out, and yet isn’t it so much harder to do in real life? Even so, I’ve dedicated myself, this 2014, to do all I can to finally stop some bad habits, patterns & beliefs that have kept me stuck for much too long.

My family stopped eating sugar for a year & this is what happened. (Yahoo): I recently decided to give up sugar for at least 21 days (I’m on day 10), and when I saw this article it definitely inspired me to do something similar with my own family, but maybe not SO extreme. I wonder if we’d all still love each other when it was all said and done?


Where I’ve been…

From the SheKnows Mommalogues, here are just a few of my favorite topics lately:

If I had a reality TV show, this is what it would be called…. The Saldana’s: 2 and Stopping

School Lunch: Brown Bag or Lunch Box?  I’m cheap…but I also care about the environment.

*Most Challenging Stage of Parenting And also, I need sleep.

What disciplinary tactics do I use that I swore I’d never do?  I sometimes surprise myself…

What’s the perfect age gap between kids? The gap that guarantees no fighting.

What’s my go to weekend outfit? My magic pants.


What have you guys been loving and where have you been?


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what i loved & where i’ve been: me time, drugstore beauty & should we spoil our kids?

It was a slow week for me online…
I think April may just be a bust for me when it comes to consistent blogging & keeping up, but I am so looking forward to May when things settle down for just a bit, and I can settle back into a routine! The older I get, the more I realize I love routine. Is that weird? And I weird?
Don’t answer that.

Next week I’ll be back in the Dominican Republic, so I’ll post when I have internet, hopefully updating you with posts & videos on all that we’re doing over there. I am beyond excited to get back to my home away from home, and hug all those beautiful souls, reminding them that not a day has passed that I haven’t thought of and prayed for them. Would love it if you’d all keep us in your prayers!

~ What I Loved ~

Cotton Candy Ice Cream (Skinny Confidential): My sister sent this link to me the other night, and it looks so delicious! Definitely need to try this out ASAP. If you beat me to it, let me know your thoughts!

How much “me” time is too much? (The Better Mom): This is a never ending battle going on inside me…how DO I find the balance between rest and sacrifice? How do you?

Train your thoughts (Peak 313): I loved this post from my sweet friend, Clare. Our family has been making an extra effort to work on our thoughts & things we talk about, and this post touched on exactly where we’ve been.

~ Where I’ve Been ~

Le Musings YouTube:
2014 Spring Beauty Essentials
Vitacost Haul/Unboxing ~ My latest order
March Beauty Favorites
The Best Beauty Products at the Drugstore
Quick & Affordable Travel Tips & Products You Can’t Go Without

SheKnows Mommalogues:
Do you think there’s anything wrong with spoiling your kids?
Over the top proposals: Yes or No?
Should vaccinating kids be mandatory?
What’s one thing single people don’t understand about being married?
What’s your pet name for your spouse?


What have you guys loved & where have you been?
Please share!



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what i loved & where i’ve been: world vision thoughts, beauty lifesavers & how to lose twitter followers

This week has been all about recovering from Jet Lag. For the first time ever in my life I experienced what it’s like to be tired and unable to keep my eyes open before 9pm at night. (Normally it’s a struggle to get to sleep before midnight!) Nearly every day felt painful, and every night was torture to try to stay awake until at least 10. But now that it’s Friday, I finally feel the life returning to my brain, and am ready to get up and get back to life again!

What I Loved…

Maybe we should stop entertaining our kids so much: We have always told our kids that it’s okay to be bored, because often our best and most creative ideas come during those times of our lives. And while I confess that we definitely started out as TV pusher parents (we were young & couldn’t afford a babysitter!), over the last two years we’ve slowly made some big changes in not creating constant busyness, and I can see now it’s definitely for the better. For all of us.

Scotts suicide reveals tragic side of city’s glitzy scene: The news of L’ren Scotts suicide has been heartbreakingly tragic, and as I read this article on the New York Post about the details of her life, I  couldn’t help but reflect on how social media can contribute to this culture of presenting a life that isn’t exactly what it may seem behind closed doors.  It breaks my heart that she struggled the way she did, and pains me to think that she felt there was no better way to solve all she was facing.  But I pray her story somehow wakes us all up to stop living lives we weren’t meant to live.  To stop comparing  what we have and who we are to what we see being presented through the many “highlight reels” of other people’s lives we’re exposed to.  There is such freedom in living honestly and authentically the life YOU were given to live.

The key to failure/How to lose twitter followers: I can’t for the life of me figure out the perfect balance to gaining and keeping followers. It seems to be such a delicate balance, and it’s continued to be one I can’t seem to find in my online life. Over the last few months though, I’ve started to let go of achieving some perfect formula, and instead simply striving to share what I feel represents me and my life/perspective as honestly as possible.  It’s given me such a sense of freedom and contentment with what and how much I post, and that’s just fine with me. I absolutely love how Harris dissected this entire social conundrum, and I think  Bill Cosby kinda sums it up well by saying, “I don’t know the secret to success, but the key to failure is to try and please everyone.” Amen.

Best kept secrets you don’t know about flying: {warning, this one has a few curse words} With all the traveling we’re doing this year, this article definitely piqued my interest.  While I don’t know if they’re all 100% true, it was still a fun and fascinating read.  If you have anything to add to this list, that you think I should know, please please leave a comment!

~ And finally, one thing I’ve been following this week but can’t say I loved, is this whole mess that has been made among Christians due to the World Vision decision on who they will and won’t hire. I purposefully and intentionally stayed away from certain types of blogs/bloggers knowing that it would just ache my heart even more than it already was. Especially since the little I saw happening on the posts, updates and articles I did come across literally began causing me to lose sleep. (which is why you won’t find any links to any of this here.)  Mostly, if I had to pick an emotion, it’s anger. Anger that the Enemy is sitting back nice and content with this little hurricane that has been created. If we won’t turn from our Faith, then maybe a nice little distraction and a whole lot of division will do the job.  And even better that we look spiteful and hateful and impulsive, and how perfect to create a platform for those ready to jump on the “And this is why I don’t believe…” bandwagon. What really got me was seeing all the comments scattered here and there saying, “What Jesus would have done…” and then what follows is a bunch of speculation that is obviously not rooted in any kind of theology or truth but instead personal experience and opinion. And while I wanted to share at least this much, I realize that perhaps now isn’t the best time to continue going much further into this, as emotions are still raw, and it could easily become a blog post of it’s own.  But, what I encourage you to do if you’ve been following this or have been affected by this, (and am attempting to do myself), is to pray.  Pray with all your heart, from the depths of your heart, for the Church and for the Christians and for every single person lost, angry, hurt, sad and confused by what is being put on display for all to see.  Pray that truth is shared IN LOVE, and that in the end it’s the biblical heart and face of Jesus that all will have the opportunity to see.

Where I’ve Been…

Since I missed last Friday’s W.I.B. post, I have a bit of catching up to do.  Between the articles above and the links below, I’m pretty certain you’ll not be without things to read/watch this weekend.  Enjoy!

SheKnows Mommalogues:
Do you regularly use coupons? “I had enough free toothpaste!”
~ If you could choose a career for your kids, what would it be? “Doing what they love…”
~ Aging: Fight it or embrace it? “I can’t wait to get older…”
~ After a long day at work, I just want to: “Sneak away to my…”
~ What’s one thing you love to splurge on? “It’s so important that I put the cost in my vows…”
~ Tell us about the last time you cried. “My kids were…”
~Favorite day of the week “The day that doesn’t have a birthday party on it…”

Le Musings of Moi YouTube:
~ Beauty Lifesavers ~ Beauty Products you shouldn’t be living without!
~ London Vlog Part I: Buckingham Palace/Changing of the Guards & Tower of London
~ London Vlog Part II: Paris, Camden Market, British Museum, Westminster Abbey & St. Pauls Cathedral
~ And up later today will be my Primark Haul from London! I can’t begin to tell you guys how obsessed I am with that store and how it MUST one day make its way to the U.S.

Okay, so now your turn. What have you guys loved and where have you been these last two weeks???



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what i loved & where i’ve been: dwts, speed reading & chanel glossimer dupe

What I loved…

How to give your home & your stuff meaning:  I just loved this so much, as this is such a thing for both Jimmy & me. We never want our home to be just for us…and this just one of the reasons why.

Cancer causing chemical found in 98 shampoos & soaps: I’m always on the hunt for healthier and safer products to use in my family and home, so when my best friend told me about this particular ingredient being used in natural products, I began to do my own research as well. This is just one of the articles I came across, but I’m still in the process of reading and learning…and weeding through my products.

Who really runs my Facebook page?:  I can’t tell you how much more I loved Candace after I read this article.  It breaks my heart to see some of the comments she has to deal with, especially knowing her sweet spirit like I do. So I was especially proud when she took the time to share this personal post straight from her heart.
And in other Candace news… SHE’S GOING TO BE ON Dancing With The Stars!!!! Be sure to watch starting March 17th and VOTE FOR CANDACE!!!

Love your wife, don’t be a stupid fool: I mean, this had me at “love your wife, don’t be a stupid fool.”  But, then the actual article really was so so SO good, and so so SO true. This was a tough lesson for Jimmy & I, and still can be actually. But once someone really laid this out for us awhile back, it was as though a light bulb went off and things in our marriage started to get so much better. You have my permission to forward this to any men who are married in your life. And remember wives…the same goes for us. Sigh.

This insane new app will allow you to read novels in 90 minutes or less: You just don’t even know how amazing and incredible and fascinating this technology is!!!!  Jimmy and I both love to read, and yet finding the time with kids and work and life makes getting through our lengthy book look a slow moving process.  But, when (not if) we get this app…watch out. (although I’m not sure it will released on iPhones….yet)  Have you guys seen this???

Mad Cow California ~ Stop feeding cows chicken manure: This is just gross, and yet another reason why we are sticking with Organic Grass Fed meat.

Where I’ve been…

Le Musings of Moi YouTube:
~ I found a Chanel Glossimer Dupe among the Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses!!!
~ My top 10 Vitacost Home & Beauty Products that you MUST have!
~ My weight loss, health and fitness tips & tricks + what I eat in a day (this will be up later tonight, so be sure to subscribe!)

SheKnows Mommalogues:
~ Favorite outdoor activities for Spring
~ Our favorite family snacks
~ My favorite books as a child
~ Facebook or Twitter?  Which is best?

What about you guys?  Where have you been and what have you been loving?


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what i loved & where i’ve been: divorce, birth control & dealing with stress

What I loved…

The one thing Christians should stop saying: This was going around the ‘nets this week, and it caught my eye simply by reading the title.  I’ve spent all of my life in and out of different churches, surrounded by all kinds of christians…and yet, no matter how different they may have been, one thing was generally the same.  They spoke a different language than everybody else, widely known to most as “Christian-ese.”  I don’t blame them and I certainly can’t  judge, for I’m guilty of throwing around my own version of this foreign language at times as well.  But, over the last year as my faith has been challenged, this is one area I’ve been a whole lot more aware of.  Anyway.  We don’t need to make a blog post about it.  And while Jimmy & I had own little debate over this article, I still wanted to share it because it’s a good start to a worthy conversation.

Kids Room Makeover Roundup:  We’ve now been in this house coming up on 2 years, and for whatever reason about 3 months after moving in, I stopped decorating.  I wish I could say it’s because I was done, but the truth is, I am so so so far from it, and it’s driving me’s.  Emily Henderson is one of my most favorite decorators, and these kids rooms she shared this week are definitely giving me a bit of a bug to get back to business.  Soon.  Soon….

Divorce Court:  Marriage is tough.  And I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you, or the first to admit it.  But, I wonder if we find it so extra hard sometimes because we are looking for something out of it that God never intended for us experience.  Take a read, and a listen if you have the time… I’d love to hear what you think.

Things your doctor may not have told you about your birth control:  This just straight up shocked me.  I mean, really???  Is nothing safe anymore?  Then again, I have to admit…I value my sanity WAY more than I value my health (don’t quote me, I’m sometimes dramatic), so maybe the risk is worth it?

Where I’ve been…

Le Musings YouTube:
~ Healthy Clean Eating Grocery Haul
~ Candace Cameron Bure’s Girls Night In Swag Bag
~ Beauty Box 5 Unboxing

SheKnows Mommalogues:
My tips for dealing with stress
~ Dog person or cat person? {this question always confuses me…}
~ The hardest part about parenting

Where have you guys been and what have you loved most this week?  Share!

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what i loved & where i’ve been: vintage hairstyle tutorial, workout routine & rich pastors

What I Loved…

Vintage Style Hair Tutorial in Action:  A long while back, before I even had a thought to try and grow my YouTube channel, I quickly threw together a vintage style hair tutorial for my blog. (Had I known it would get so many views, I would have put a little more time & care into the quality!) Just this week I got a comment from a sweet mom sharing that a group of 7 and 8 years olds in the GIRLS WITH OPINIONS book club used had used my tutorial to try after their book club discussion about a book that took place in the 1930s. She shared with me the blog with pictures of them watching the video and busting out the adorable ‘dos. It was just too cute!

60 Things Older Women Want Younger Women to Know:  One thing I can never get enough of is learning from and hearing wisdom from older women.  Maybe it’s something to do with making up for my teens and early 20’s when I didn’t want to hear anything from anyone, but regardless, articles like these just snag me every time.  This one was full of advice we all can stand to learn from.

When Pastors Live in Million Dollar Mansions: This article took me by surprise this week.  I’m still mulling it all over in my head, but thought it would be interesting to share to see what you guys thought as well.

Revenge: Thanks to Netflix, this show has stolen my nights.  And also my sleep.  Are you guys watching this???

Where I’ve been…

Candace Cameron Bure’s Girls Night In: This was definitely a fun night with amazing friends, and I’m hoping that next week I’ll have my video up to show all the goodies we got to take home from this girls night in.

SheKnows Mommalogues:
~ Who’s the bigger flirt? You or your husband?
~ Would you rather go back in time or into the future?
~ If you could give advice to a new mom, it would be…?
~ Describe your workout routine.

Le Musings of Moi YouTube:
~ Battle of the CC Creams: Taking two popular CC Creams to see which one really stands up to the hype!
~ Health, Wellness & Beauty Product Haul: Sharing all the new goodies in my life from my favorite online place to shop, Vitacost!

Where have you guys been & what have you been loving?  Leave your links in the comments below!

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what i loved & where i’ve been: diy art, human trafficking, valentines day plans

What I Loved…

Children of the City:  I have a friend who has a friend (you following?), Tiffany Pastor, that has written a novel about human trafficking in America. CHILDREN of the CITY is an amazing story that spreads awareness and will incite action by connecting readers to non-profits. This particular story was birthed out of a dream she had one night, and the characters you’ll connect with will transform the statistics of an issue into a personal cry for justice. The book releases in April 2014, and I absolutely love that Tiffany is donating 40% of her profits to freedom fighting organizations!  I can’t encourage you enough to pre-order this book or at minimum donate to the cause, as every bit of help will expand the impact of the story by sending it into cities we could not reach by ourselves.  (My friend Angela & her husband Nate give an award winning performance in this trailer, I might add!)

When your children wrestle with God: I can’t begin to tell you how many times we (but mostly Jimmy) have had late night “theology” talks with Taylor.  And of course it’s always right when we’re about to walk out the door with our final goodnights (we’re freeeee!!!), when he whispers something like…. “Mom, Dad?  Um…How do we know that the God we believe in is the true God and other gods are not true?  And how do we know that Jesus actually rose from the dead?”  (Yes, this was his latest question just this week…)  So when I read this post from Sally Clarkson’s son, who I feel Taylor might possibly be distantly related to, I felt such a sense of peace and calm.  I highly suggest taking a moment to read his perspective.  Also, the song on that post?  I bought last weekend and have been replaying it over and over all throughout the week.  You. Will. Love.

William Lane Craig ~ The Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection: This is the video we all snuggled up and watched together as a family the night after Taylor’s deep theological question.  He’s not one to accept the “Have Faith & Believe” answer, so together as a family we listened in, and then paused every few minutes to discuss and answer more questions.  It’s amazing to me what my kids understand and the questions they actually come up with.  I love it though.  For all the reasons Sally told her son Nathan it’s okay to doubt…and more.

Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss: Okay, so this isn’t an article, but rather the lip gloss that has absolutely woo’d me and everyone who has seen me use it this last week.  I kid you not, every time I use it in public, someone has stopped me to ask what it is and then proceeded to write down the name and info to purchase it.  Between being an amazing lip gloss, the mirror & the light…it really is the best lip gloss for going out.

When people should leave their church: Last week I shared an article about reasons you shouldn’t leave your church, so I thought this week I might share another view from one of my favorite pastors, John MacArthur. 

DIY Art even I can do!: For the entire year we’ve lived in this house I have been lost on what to do with the big blank wall alongside our bed.  And then I came across the perfect solution on 6th Street Design School.  It involves a bit of DIY, but since it really just calls for canvas & a sharpie, I think I might actually be able to handle it.  Look for before and after pictures soon!

Where I’ve Been…

On the SheKnows Mommalogues this week, we discussed…
What we love most about our husbands (besides being hot?)
The charities & organizations we work with (Also! We’re going back in APRIL!!!)
Summing up Parenthood & Marriage in one sentence (I have to be honest here…)
Annnnnd…. our Valentines Day Plans (Don’t be jealous.)

On Le Musings of Moi YouTube
Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial PLUS  $100 Sephora Gift Card + Agave Healing Oil Trio Giveaway!!!  (the contest is still open if you want to enter!!!)
Yay or Nay? Products I’ve used up or could use no more! (Part II to last weeks video!)

Hope you all have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and whether single or attached, I pray someone makes you feel extra loved today!

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what i loved & where i’ve been: leaving church, fashion & beauty

What I Loved…

Love Your Body with Apple Cider Vinegar: I take at least a tablespoon of ACV most every day, and I loved this article by Tone It Up explaining all the reasons it should be a part of all our daily lives!

Imaging Technology Reveals How Emotions Manifest in Your Body: “Every feeling you have affects some part of your body, and stress can wreak havoc on your physical health—especially if you’re not exercising or eating right, as both of these can help keep stress in check in the first place.” -Dr. Mercola.  An incredible article showing just what happens in our bodies when we feel and experience different emotions.  So fascinating!

5 Really Bad Reasons To Leave Your Church: I can’t say I agree with everything in this article, but still, it caught my attention…being that we’ve actually left a church for one (or more) of the reasons he listed.  Thoughts?

Where I’ve Been… 

Le Musings of Moi YouTube:
Beauty Box 5 Unboxing ~ Beauty Subscriptions are all the rage, and I’m the first one to admit I’m a total sucker.  So, it’s time for some show and tell with my latest Beauty Box 5 package!

Summer’s Lovin’ January Health & Beauty Favorites ~ Rachel from Glow of Grace and I are teaming up to share what we loved and used most in the month of January!  Go check out her video next and make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already!

Yay or Nay: Empties ~ Sharing and reviewing all the health & beauty products I’ve managed to use up in the last month.  Are they Yay’s or Nay’s???

SheKnows Mommalogues:
~ My version of the “Ideal Weekend” (I can tell you it doesn’t include grocery shopping, birthday parties, or waking up early…)
~ Pause or Rewind button…what I’d rather have for my life.  What would you choose???
~ My most favorite apps! (Though two minutes isn’t nearly enough to share all that I love and use most!)
~ Our most favorite fashion designers! (I like what I like.)

What about you guys?
What did you love and where have you been this week?


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