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dear new years resolutions, i already failed: now what?

Happy New Years you guys!!!

Okay, so to be honest, this week for me has not so much gone as I had hoped or planned as I’ve been crazy sick since January 1st!
At first, I have to admit and I’m sure Jimmy will agree, I was just a little bit grumpy and Negative Nancy about all of this, but about day 4, I realized that maybe God had a purpose in settling me down for a week…and I decided to change my perspective on the whole deal.

Now, Day 6…and just coming around the bend, I am SO thankful I got sick and had to spend nearly 6 whole days inside, either in bed or on the couch!
Never have I tried so many holistic remedies, rested so much, read so much, prayed so much, journaled so much or spent so much time just being present in the moment. I didn’t realize how much I was constantly looking ahead to the next thing, or attempting (not always actually successful) to be productive and mark just ‘one more thing’ off my ever growing to do list.

It took being sick to finally let the schedule go, take the pressure off, and surrender to whatever God has for me in this day, and oh my word, do I ever feel more at peace now!

And you guys, that’s the power of perspective…that’s the power of letting the moment be what it is instead of putting it up against what we think it should be!
Slowly but surely, I am learning….
{Maybe you’re picking up a little of what my 2016 focus will be??? #Ha! More on that soon….!}


All that to say, it’s the New Year and it’s definitely a time where a lot of us are attempting to put into practice new years resolutions, habits, goals or ideas!

It’s a fresh slate to start clean….
I also know now that we’re into the middle of the first full week….and a lot of us have probably already blown it and might be thinking, “ahhh…forget it. I failed again!”

Been there, done that…learned the lesson!

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 1.00.08 AM

Which is exactly why Jimmy and I wanted to make this video for you guys…as we’ve walked this road MANY MANY times…not just in the New Year, but in our every day, day to day life. Thankfully, failure isn’t a bad thing, instead it’s simply an opportunity to learn and grow for the next time!

So if you’re someone who strives to make and keep your goals or someone who wants to begin making better choices and making them stick, I hope the lessons we’ve learned over the years encourage you in your journey!

To see exactly how I make my written list of goals and actions plans, check out: How I Make My Resolutions & How to Make Them Work

And since we’re all in this together, we would LOVE to hear your thoughts and wisdom as well, so be sure to leave a comment below (or leave a comment on YouTube)!

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