going down memory lane, my latest workout plan & halloween!

Happy Monday!!!

You guys, I can’t EVEN believe it’s already November! I know people say stuff like that all the time, but seriously, we’ve had the weirdest hottest East Coast weather here in SoCal, that I feel like we are just skipping fall and jumping right into the holidays. That’s just not right, and it’s creating all kinds of confusion over here in my world! That, and going from 4 kids to 2 overnight, really has me wandering around wondering about life… (middle child here if you couldn’t tell…)

And then this weekend Jimmy gave me the budget talk so we could prepare for Christmas, which nearly sent me over the edge… not sure if that was more about budgeting or about it being CHRISTMAS soon… probably both.

Okay, moving on!

So this week on our Saldana Fam Cam…
Going down memory lane, BoxyCharm Unboxing (my FAVE monthly beauty box), Target Haul (the cutest hat & shoes ever!), My New Workout Plan (I was sore EVERY SINGLE DAY last week!), Halloween (Breaking Amish & Joe Dirt?), Church Chat + MORE!



And, as always thank you so much for watching and hanging out with us on our weekly vlogs!

“But learning to live well in ordinary time isn’t a call to elevate moments, its a call to draw close to Christ. What gives moments meaning is not the moments themselves, but the presence of Christ with us in the midst of them.” -Oswald Chambers

This is why we vlog, and this why we share.
In hopes that by capturing the seemingly insignificant and ordinary moments, we will be prompted to look back and see God working and moving in ways we might possibly have missed otherwise. We believe we aren’t meant to walk this journey alone, and we are incredibly thankful to have this community, and most importantly the love, grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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(p.s. if you guys ever have ideas on what you want to see more of in these fam cam videos, or if you have ideas for other videos and/or blog posts you’d love for me to do, let me know in the comments below or email me! always love your ideas and suggestions!)

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