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*sometimes writing out an entire blog post feels overwhelming what with 4 kids, foster care, and life going all around me. yet the writer in me has thoughts I long to express, and that’s when the lovliness of a thing called ‘microblogging’ calls to me. In just a few minutes, wherever I happen to be, I can┬átake to Instagram and share my heart. Sometimes, I later (in this case, a month later!), get a moment to share that same post here…here’s one of those moments*


I’ve mentioned lately, both here & on my channel this overwhelming desire Ive been having for change, scaling back, rest, and living with more sincere intention both in relationships and the things I take on or put my time into.

It’s so easy to get too busy. Too caught up.

We live in this culture where are led to believe that more means blessed and bigger must be better.

But over this last month as I’ve intentionally pulled back from “striving” and “keeping up,” I believe God has really been showing me another way.

The less “big picture” I am and the more mindful I become of the small things – the simple things, the things we often overlook when we’re too busy piling on the tasks and commitments – the more I realize that small doesn’t mean insignificant.

In fact, it’s become quite the opposite.

I have truly found such a comfort and joy in choosing enough over desiring excess, and I pray God continues to nudge me towards savoring and cherishing the small things in my life.

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