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I’ve been diving right into this 31 Day Writing Challenge, where each blogger chooses a topic to write about for 31(ish) days. Because it’s right where God has me, I’ve chosen to share on Blending Beauty with Balance.
(#thebeautybalance, if you want to follow along…or better yet, join the conversation using the hashtag!)

It’ll be a fun and encouraging 31(ish) days where I’ll be sharing tips and tricks while digging deeper, finding purpose, and blending beauty with balance — all with a heart of intention. {all 31(ish) Days will be linked here}


So continuing this conversation of finding balance…

Not only have I been heavily in prayer over how to balance the beauty conversation both in my life and with my online community…but there is also this struggle of finding the balance God intends for me to have between my online work and being a stay at home mama.

And so I loved that my friend, Samantha Schuerman, asked me to play along and make a video discussing this very issue in the YouTube Mom Tag. In todays video, not only do I share a bit more in detail about the heart behind my YouTube channel, but I also discuss just how it all comes together and why I feel it’s important to put the effort into all that I do online.

There is a balance to be found.
A balance to be desired.
And while I may not have discovered it perfectly, I know that as I continue to give it all to the Lord each and every day, He will guide me through it all.

The balance, ultimately, always happens when we are focused on the One thing that matters.
And that is, and always will be, The Lord.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 12.13.04 PM

1. What is your You Tube channel name and what types of videos do you make?
2. When and why did you start your You Tube channel?
3. What’s the meaning behind your You Tube name?
4. When do you schedule time to film/edit/upload videos?
5. What does a typical day look like when you have to make a video(s)?
6. What do you do when you need to make a video and the kids aren’t cooperating?
7. How do you balance You Tube and motherhood?
8. How has You Tube helped you grow as a person?
9. How has You Tube affected your children and family life?
10. What does your significant other think about you making You Tube videos?
11. Does your family and friends know about your You Tube channel?
12. What types of videos/channels do you like to watch most?
13. Who are some of your favorite You Tubers?
14. How do you get inspired for a video topic?
15. What is your main goal in having this platform on You Tube?

While I LOVE beauty, health, and all things related, more than anything my heart and soul belongs to Jesus! This quote expresses exactly what I hope shines more than anything:

“Like Paul and every other believer, my life is no longer my own. The focus must not be on me, but on Christ. When someone hears from me publicly, I want it all to point to Him.”

{quote from John MacArthur}

xoxo, Summer

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  1. I think you should change your name… you have such a great original name anyways – it better promotes YOU too :)


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