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I’ve been diving right into this 31 Day Writing Challenge, where each blogger chooses a topic to write about for 31(ish) days. Because it’s right where God has me, I’ve chosen to share on Blending Beauty with Balance.
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It’ll be a fun and encouraging 31(ish) days where I’ll be sharing tips and tricks while digging deeper, finding purpose, and blending beauty with balance — all with a heart of intention. {all 31(ish) Days will be linked here

How to shop healthy on a budget

Over the last few years I have really made a concentrated effort to switch as many of our household and beauty products over to things that are safer and more natural, and when I discovered Vitacost, that switch became a much easier task.

{I don’t work for or am I sponsored by Vitacost…although…at this point, I certainly wouldn’t mind that gig!}


Every month, (I’ve had to limit myself!) I excitedly curl up on the couch with my laptop and indulge in a little online shopping therapy session. I absolutely love taking my time to look up new and interesting products, read through all the ingredients, research ones I don’t know, as well as read up on all the reviews before making my decision.

I have a wish list about a mile long, and I love having the confidence that I am doing everything I can to make the best choices for both my family and me.

That said….I should confess that I strongly believe in the 80/20 rule when it comes to most things…so not every decision we make is the healthiest one. I believe it really is all about finding a healthy balance for you, and this rule just works perfectly for us. It still provides some amount of structure, but allows grace for the moments we need to let loose.

So while nearly all of our bath, shower and skin care products have been switched over, I still have quite a ways to go when it comes to makeup. One day, maybe, one day.

And because I think being aware of what we put into our bodies is so important, I want to take the time to share each month what I’ve found and ordered for my own family through Vitacost. My hope is that I can get you just as excited about making these little changes all while saving money in the process!


Always first shop Vitacost through Ebates, Extrabux, or Top Cash Back to earn extra cash back off every order! I check them all first to see which is offering more cash back.

* Vitacost (earn $10 when you sign up!)
* Ebates (earn $5 when you sign up with this link)
* Extrabux (earn $5 when you sign up with this link)
* TopCashBack (earn $10 when you sign up with this link)

Have you already made the switch? Or maybe you’re in the process just as we are? If so, let me know what you’ve been using and loving as well! So many of my favorite things have been recommended by you guys! xo

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