saldana fam cam: discontentment, jam session and balayage

This summer is going way too fast for me, and as I was just telling Jimmy the other night, it’s been far too busy as well.

I had such high hopes that summertime would bring us all rest and relaxation, and instead I feel busier than ever before. And while some of that is all me and some of the projects I’m taking on, it still feels too…rushed. I am desperately needing a second to gather my thoughts, center myself, and reflect on all thats truly important.

| This week on the Saldana Fam Cam |

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~ We had an insane heat wave hit our area with what felt like a deathly level of humidity accompanying it, and given that we don’t have air conditioning in our house, we were all a bit on the lethargic GRUMPY side. And so, of course, we ended up doing what any normal family without air conditioning does…we got in the car with dinner and a movie…and went for a long drive to look at dream houses. Wait till you see these crazy modern styled homes we discovered!

~ One thing this week that seemed to be a common theme for both Jimmy & me, was in the area of discontentment. Always striving for more but continually feeling as though it’s not enough… And so, one night after we got the kids to bed, we had a little heart to heart that really put things into perspective for the both us, I think. I have this feeling that we’re not the only ones living this struggle, especially in this generation of Facebook & Instagram where the grass is always greener and more manicured on the other side, and so I pulled out my camera and tried to capture the tail end of our discussion. Praying it speaks to you the way it did to me.

~ A bright side to my week was my beloved hair appt where we freshened up my balayage and actually went a little lighter in the front. I’m absolutely obsessed with this style of coloring hair now, that I’m pretty sure I can never go back to any other method. Unfortunately, the girl I’ve been going to is raising her prices and with our budget these days, I just can’t justify paying the increase. So now I’m on a mad (and desperate) sleepless hunt for a new Balayage Hair Master here in San Diego, and praying that someone around these parts can duplicate what’s already been done.

Yes, I realize this is all sorts of #firstworldproblems.

~ We also had the opportunity to attend the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus for the third year now, and absolutely loved it. I tried to capture my most favorite acts (that don’t involve animals, because I understand that’s a sensitive situation), that truly took our breath away. We all agreed that this particular show was our favorite so far!

~ And then of course there’s the beauty stuff, where I test out a new City Cosmetics Lip Plumper and show what makeup I’m wearing on the days I actually take the time to put some on. You also have got to watch the part where Chloe styled not only herself and Girafee for church, but then picked out my jewelry as well. She is just too adorable for words.

I hope you guys enjoy!!!


{PS – I really am longing to get back to my writing posts as well, but am finding that it is incredibly difficult to form complete thoughts while the kids are home all summer. Babysitters or Grandparents would just be so lovely to have in my life, ya know? Anyway, so my prayer is that in the next couple weeks once we’re back on a schedule and school has started for Taylor, that my writing and thinking groove will get back on track. Bear with me!!! xo}

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