when being a mom is hard

So many times throughout the early years of being a mom, I struggled with feeling so desperately alone and without any kind of actual purpose to my life. I would look at my little ones making messes I was unable to keep up after, and witnessing tantrums I was sure were a direct reflection of my parenting skills, and the combination of it all would make me want to collapse into a puddle of tears.

My days seemed long, thankless and overwhelming.
And I was incredibly tired, hormonal, and discouraged.

And so often, I found myself wondering if just maybe God had made a major mistake in allowing me to be a mother…

But the truth, the reassuring comforting truth is that even on the days when everything goes wrong, and being a mom is hard and it seems impossible to do our job well…we can be assured that our God is faithful and He never ever makes mistakes….

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Family at sunset





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