saldana fam cam: intermittent fasting & surfing lessons

I’ve said this before, but I have to say it again, I am truly loving this new saldana fam cam┬átradition we have started in our family. Time is going so fast (although it doesn’t much feel like it today. ie: summer vacation. ie: kids always around each other. ie: fighting. ie: i’m going a little nutso.)…okay, what was I saying???

Um ya, that time is going so fast with my kids growing up, and I honestly don’t want to miss a moment. Last week was definitely one of my favorites so far this summer, as the kids are finally starting to get into the whole surfing thing, which has been Jimmy’s dream of a lifetime. I love that I was able to capture that “first” of theirs.

We also spent a ton of time at the bay relaxing and getting sunburned (I’ll have a video/post up soon of how I healed it overnight!!!), and then there was THE sweetest thing that happened that my kids have EVER ever done for me so far. That moment honestly is still carrying me through almost a week later…that’s just how much speaking someone’s love language will do for them. {Husbands, pay attention.}

I’m still learning how to do this whole vlogging thing correctly in a way that captures our life and is entertaining to watch, but isn’t overkill and still respects my kids privacy with what they feel comfortable sharing. Oh the balance that is motherhood.

Hope you guys enjoy!




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