quiet time with the Lord when you’re not a morning person

I realize that may not be the catchiest of blog post titles, but it certainly describes well the exact struggle I have always had in creating the habit of a daily quiet time with the Lord.


I’m still not quite sure what God had in mind when he created me to get my best hours of sleep during the early morning hours, all the while my children are getting their best hours of AWAKE at the exact same time. It also makes it quite difficult to be that mom who gets up early to meet with Jesus over coffee (which is another thing I have an aversion to) before my children are awake.

But, if I’m being completely honest….even if they were sleeper inners…I would STILL most likely  not want to get up that early.

I love Jesus. But I love him better when I get good sleep.

With all that said….After a tearful heart to heart with one of my closest friends, we knew we needed to come up with a way to create a daily habit of quiet time with the Lord and NOT have it associated necessarily with mornings and coffee.

And so here’s our version of quiet time with the Lord & our accountability to it…for those, perhaps, that are not necessarily morning moms either. (Although this system will still work for those lucky ones that are!): The Better Mom: My Kind of Quiet Time.



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