being a better mom means saying “me too”

Being a better mom means saying, “me too…”

There was once a time where I wondered if God had made a mistake allowing me to be a mom. I felt I was failing much too often, and when I looked around and compared myself to other moms around me, I was certain I was the worst of them all. I simply longed to be a better mom then I felt I was…

Those early years were long and hard and tiring, but I realize now that I would never had survived them if I hadn’t been willing to share the truth of my heart and the reality of my days with the other moms in my life, and especially with the moms I had yet to know from my blog.

Saying and hearing “me too” can save us…even when it seems scary and vulnerable to say so. And today on my post over at The¬†Better Mom, I’m sharing my journey and just how God has proven time and again, that we were never meant to walk this road alone.


Click here TO READ MORE of my story over on The Better Mom…

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