what i loved & where i’ve been: spring cleaning, mothers day & school dress codes for parents

What I loved…

10 Healthy Smoothies (FabFitFun): I am a smoothie obsessed girl, and I’m always on the lookout for super healthy but ultra tasty recipes to change things up. I recently found this list, and I can’t wait to try them all!

Ballet Beautiful – Lean Legs & Butt Workout (BeFit): I am full on the fitness train right now, having given up gluten, dairy and sugar for 21 days (Day 18 and no cheats!!!). And in addition to making dietary changes, I wanted to get back into a regular workout routine as well. I’m starting slow with 3 days a week, and hoping that by June when things slow down a bit that I’ll be able to fit in at most 5. Right now I’m doing a little Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis and then adding on a little something extra at the end for a boost. This week was all about this bridge series, which seriously has had my thighs on FI-YAH all week.

Spring Cleaning Series (CleanMySpace): I have once again been absent a bit online this week because I am knee deep in Spring Cleaning my house, going through every single closet, drawer, cupboard and bedroom in the house. Our monthly challenge for May is Finishing Projects (more on that next week), and on that list has been decluttering and getting rid of all the excess, so this week it’s been all I’ve done. This YouTube Channel has always been amazing and inspiring, and I am absolutely loving the Spring Cleaning series.


Where I’ve been…

Le Musings YouTube: Because of Spring Cleaning, making and editing YouTube videos has been last on my priority list, but I was able to at least get one up! My Best Hair Care Tips & Tricks for healthy happy hair!

SheKnows Mommalogues:

If you could spend Mothers Day without kids, would you?

Do you feel the pressure to be a better Pinterest Mom?

What types of seasonal allergens does your family deal with?

Do you think schools should have a dress code for parents?


Happy Mothers Day!!!



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