what i loved & where i’ve been: giving up sugar, most challenging stage of parenting & a go to weekend outfit

I’m not going to lie…I’ve been suffering a bit from PMS (post missions trip syndrome) these last few weeks, and taking it slow on my blog & YouTube channel to instead spend more time with my husband and kids has been just what I needed to recover. I needed to find balance, and also I gave up sugar/gluten/dairy (my poor husband), so the combination may have made my brain cells even more foggy (and emotional) than normal.

But slowly I feel myself getting my groove back, and I’m hoping that by next week I’ll easily fall back into more of routine in all areas of my life, blogging & filming included.

In the meantime, let’s get caught up on where I’ve been & what I’ve loved.

First…Where I’ve been…

A Eulogy for Twitter (The Atlantic): I’ve been struggling with twitter lately, so this caught my attention…maybe I’m not the only one not feeling it like I used to?

Are your beliefs keeping you stuck? (Michael Hyatt): It seems so simple when people like Michael Hyatt lay it out, and yet isn’t it so much harder to do in real life? Even so, I’ve dedicated myself, this 2014, to do all I can to finally stop some bad habits, patterns & beliefs that have kept me stuck for much too long.

My family stopped eating sugar for a year & this is what happened. (Yahoo): I recently decided to give up sugar for at least 21 days (I’m on day 10), and when I saw this article it definitely inspired me to do something similar with my own family, but maybe not SO extreme. I wonder if we’d all still love each other when it was all said and done?


Where I’ve been…

From the SheKnows Mommalogues, here are just a few of my favorite topics lately:

If I had a reality TV show, this is what it would be called…. The Saldana’s: 2 and Stopping

School Lunch: Brown Bag or Lunch Box?  I’m cheap…but I also care about the environment.

*Most Challenging Stage of Parenting And also, I need sleep.

What disciplinary tactics do I use that I swore I’d never do?  I sometimes surprise myself…

What’s the perfect age gap between kids? The gap that guarantees no fighting.

What’s my go to weekend outfit? My magic pants.


What have you guys been loving and where have you been?


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