12in1: unstuck ~ monthly challenges update

I have absolutely 100% dropped the ball on keeping up with my monthly challenges blog posts. The good news is that we are still keeping them alive and well though, in our family & home.

So, here’s the latest on what we’re calling 12 in 1:Unstuck

Our family is definitely still loving and working through our monthly challenges for 2014, although the newness and excitement from the beginning of the year has absolutely started to wear off a bit.  But we aren’t quitters…or at least Jimmy & I aren’t, so we’re plugging away determined to show our kids that this is worth seeing through to the end.

March was Books over TV month, where we set limits on how much TV we watched, replacing that habit instead with time reading…either alone or together as a family.


Surprisingly, giving up our TV time came quite easily.  The kids never had it on during the week (and rarely even asked for it!), and had at most maybe an hour a day on the weekends, while Jimmy and I stuck to an hour or less just a few nights a week.

But the books part of the plan?
Um ya, not so much.

All of Taylors free time was spent with the Rainbow Loom, crafting up hundreds (it appears) of bracelets I’m pretty sure he’ll never wear but simply wanted the challenge of making, and I found that I love love love Instagram & YouTube more than I ever had before the T.V. was turned off.  Although, I will admit that Jimmy and Chloe, however, did awesome with this part of the challenge. Chloe read to me during nearly every one of my baths and showers, and by the end of the month was even bringing books with her every time she headed to the potty. And I lost count of how many books Jimmy consumed for the month, though mostly because he was working hard to finish a seminary class before our trip to London.

For the month of April, we chose to go along with my friend Laura’s idea, and give up uttering anything negative. And let me just say….Dang. That’s not as easy as I thought it would be. As it turns out, we’re all just a bunch of Isrealites wandering around the desert in this house. I’m kind of thinking we should have done the jar idea like Laura’s doing. But the good thing about all this is, at least we’re now more aware, and spending 30 days being hyper focused on it HAS to bring about some change, right?!?

Ya, more on this at the end of the month.

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