what i loved & where i’ve been: dwts, speed reading & chanel glossimer dupe

What I loved…

How to give your home & your stuff meaning:  I just loved this so much, as this is such a thing for both Jimmy & me. We never want our home to be just for us…and this just one of the reasons why.

Cancer causing chemical found in 98 shampoos & soaps: I’m always on the hunt for healthier and safer products to use in my family and home, so when my best friend told me about this particular ingredient being used in natural products, I began to do my own research as well. This is just one of the articles I came across, but I’m still in the process of reading and learning…and weeding through my products.

Who really runs my Facebook page?:  I can’t tell you how much more I loved Candace after I read this article.  It breaks my heart to see some of the comments she has to deal with, especially knowing her sweet spirit like I do. So I was especially proud when she took the time to share this personal post straight from her heart.
And in other Candace news… SHE’S GOING TO BE ON Dancing With The Stars!!!! Be sure to watch starting March 17th and VOTE FOR CANDACE!!!

Love your wife, don’t be a stupid fool: I mean, this had me at “love your wife, don’t be a stupid fool.”  But, then the actual article really was so so SO good, and so so SO true. This was a tough lesson for Jimmy & I, and still can be actually. But once someone really laid this out for us awhile back, it was as though a light bulb went off and things in our marriage started to get so much better. You have my permission to forward this to any men who are married in your life. And remember wives…the same goes for us. Sigh.

This insane new app will allow you to read novels in 90 minutes or less: You just don’t even know how amazing and incredible and fascinating this technology is!!!!  Jimmy and I both love to read, and yet finding the time with kids and work and life makes getting through our lengthy book look a slow moving process.  But, when (not if) we get this app…watch out. (although I’m not sure it will released on iPhones….yet)  Have you guys seen this???

Mad Cow California ~ Stop feeding cows chicken manure: This is just gross, and yet another reason why we are sticking with Organic Grass Fed meat.

Where I’ve been…

Le Musings of Moi YouTube:
~ I found a Chanel Glossimer Dupe among the Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Glosses!!!
~ My top 10 Vitacost Home & Beauty Products that you MUST have!
~ My weight loss, health and fitness tips & tricks + what I eat in a day (this will be up later tonight, so be sure to subscribe!)

SheKnows Mommalogues:
~ Favorite outdoor activities for Spring
~ Our favorite family snacks
~ My favorite books as a child
~ Facebook or Twitter?  Which is best?

What about you guys?  Where have you been and what have you been loving?


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