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There’s something about the time change that reminds me that the hibernation months are coming to an end, and the Spring/Summer fashion and trends are about begin.  Which basically, in my mind, means it’s time to shed the winter layers…and I don’t necessarily mean in terms of fashion.

I was excited to make this video documenting what I’m doing myself to lose these last few-ish lbs, but I couldn’t jump right in without first sharing my journey through health, fitness, and my own real life struggles with weight and body dysmorphia.  My 20’s were incredibly rough for so many reasons, but the hold that my body and weight had on my happiness, is one of my saddest memories of all.

And so…without going into more detail…here is a little about what I’ve walked through, what I’ve learned, and how Im going about making the last changes to getting healthy once and for all.

Side note: My sweet friend Abby from Color Swept Beauty and I did this fun collab to help inspire you guys to get in shape for the upcoming Spring & Summer months!!! We each took a different approach to sharing our tips & tricks, so go over and check her video & channel out next and be sure to subscribe!!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment sharing your own tips & tricks as well!!!
*Sorry for the bad lighting guys! I was trying to escape the noise of my kids! =)

Tracy Anderson Q&A Part 1
Tracy Anderson Q&A Part 2

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