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What I Loved…

Children of the City:  I have a friend who has a friend (you following?), Tiffany Pastor, that has written a novel about human trafficking in America. CHILDREN of the CITY is an amazing story that spreads awareness and will incite action by connecting readers to non-profits. This particular story was birthed out of a dream she had one night, and the characters you’ll connect with will transform the statistics of an issue into a personal cry for justice. The book releases in April 2014, and I absolutely love that Tiffany is donating 40% of her profits to freedom fighting organizations!  I can’t encourage you enough to pre-order this book or at minimum donate to the cause, as every bit of help will expand the impact of the story by sending it into cities we could not reach by ourselves.  (My friend Angela & her husband Nate give an award winning performance in this trailer, I might add!)

When your children wrestle with God: I can’t begin to tell you how many times we (but mostly Jimmy) have had late night “theology” talks with Taylor.  And of course it’s always right when we’re about to walk out the door with our final goodnights (we’re freeeee!!!), when he whispers something like…. “Mom, Dad?  Um…How do we know that the God we believe in is the true God and other gods are not true?  And how do we know that Jesus actually rose from the dead?”  (Yes, this was his latest question just this week…)  So when I read this post from Sally Clarkson’s son, who I feel Taylor might possibly be distantly related to, I felt such a sense of peace and calm.  I highly suggest taking a moment to read his perspective.  Also, the song on that post?  I bought last weekend and have been replaying it over and over all throughout the week.  You. Will. Love.

William Lane Craig ~ The Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection: This is the video we all snuggled up and watched together as a family the night after Taylor’s deep theological question.  He’s not one to accept the “Have Faith & Believe” answer, so together as a family we listened in, and then paused every few minutes to discuss and answer more questions.  It’s amazing to me what my kids understand and the questions they actually come up with.  I love it though.  For all the reasons Sally told her son Nathan it’s okay to doubt…and more.

Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss: Okay, so this isn’t an article, but rather the lip gloss that has absolutely woo’d me and everyone who has seen me use it this last week.  I kid you not, every time I use it in public, someone has stopped me to ask what it is and then proceeded to write down the name and info to purchase it.  Between being an amazing lip gloss, the mirror & the light…it really is the best lip gloss for going out.

When people should leave their church: Last week I shared an article about reasons you shouldn’t leave your church, so I thought this week I might share another view from one of my favorite pastors, John MacArthur. 

DIY Art even I can do!: For the entire year we’ve lived in this house I have been lost on what to do with the big blank wall alongside our bed.  And then I came across the perfect solution on 6th Street Design School.  It involves a bit of DIY, but since it really just calls for canvas & a sharpie, I think I might actually be able to handle it.  Look for before and after pictures soon!

Where I’ve Been…

On the SheKnows Mommalogues this week, we discussed…
What we love most about our husbands (besides being hot?)
The charities & organizations we work with (Also! We’re going back in APRIL!!!)
Summing up Parenthood & Marriage in one sentence (I have to be honest here…)
Annnnnd…. our Valentines Day Plans (Don’t be jealous.)

On Le Musings of Moi YouTube
Valentines Day Makeup Tutorial PLUS  $100 Sephora Gift Card + Agave Healing Oil Trio Giveaway!!!  (the contest is still open if you want to enter!!!)
Yay or Nay? Products I’ve used up or could use no more! (Part II to last weeks video!)

Hope you all have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and whether single or attached, I pray someone makes you feel extra loved today!

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