12in1: getting unstuck ~ get healthy january & february challenge

And just like that, the first month of 2014 is done.  January is over.  And so ends our first official family challenge, Get Healthy January.

I loved this month. I loved this challenge. And I loved how it made us all aware, focused, and constantly striving.

Last night, as we sat down to our family pizza night tradition (only this time – gluten free & organic), we found ourselves reflecting on all that we had learned and accomplished over the month. We shared where we grew, where we struggled, and laughed over the obvious moments we downright failed.

Chloe was proud she had been finishing her daily green superfood smoothies, both Taylor & Jimmy successfully went to Jiu Jitsu three times a week, and I accomplished my goal of working out 3-4 times a week. We cooked (and I use that term loosely) most all of our meals at home, and when we did eat out, we chose the healthiest option available.

However, there was a week where I found myself exhausted, sick and sleeping almost an entire week away.  During that time I held to our standard of grace, remembering it wasn’t about perfection, but about doing the best we could each and every day…and my best that week was simply about resting and allowing my body to recover.

Yet, when Mom is weak and unavailable…the family (and house) seems to fall apart.
Hence the need for even more grace after Filippis pizza, Smashburger, and (iShudder) McDonalds. Now I wasn’t there for that last option, but thankfully when the kids (and Jimmy) got around to confessing, they couldn’t believe how gross the food had “suddenly” become.  Yay!!!

“It’s not about being the best…but striving for better than the day before.”

In our case, it was an entire week before, but whatever. So we had a bit of a backsliding moment, but we caught ourselves, and the following week we were back on track. And we finished the month out strong, organic Z Pizza and all.

I am excited and confident that as we move into February, our month of loving and serving others (more on this in Mondays post), we will absolutely continue our healthy habits, as it’s become just that.
A habit.

And as a finishing touch to Get Healthy January, I thought I’d share our latest health food grocery haul. We seriously loaded up so that as February begins, we wouldn’t be the least bit tempted to stray from our ways. I hope it inspires you to try some new things, or at least gives you fresh ideas for your already healthy ways.


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