a giveaway of rest & relaxation!

We are all just coming off a very busy crazy season, which was lovely and all, but how more lovely is it to have a month to just sit and be?

I hesitate to say this, because I love Jesus and His birthday and all, but I truly love the “season” of January more than anything. To me, it’s a season of hope…of rest…of just being still. And I eat that kind of stuff up like it’s nobodys business.

This is exactly the reason why I am so excited to share with you all this incredible giveaway of REST and RELAXATION.

Just a couple weeks ago, right after the busyness of Christmas, Total Woman Gym & Spa asked if I’d be interested in teaming up with them and offered me and 10 of my readers an unbelievable treatment at their spa. Knowing that January was our #gethealthyjanuary month, and that it included our mind/body/spirit, I felt that this was the perfect collaboration.




Here’s what I loved, besides THE BEST and most RELAXING massage of my life:
When I walked into their facility, I was immediately captivated by how beautiful and clean and modern everything was. I’ve been to many “women’s spas and gyms,” even having taught Zumba in one, and trust me…most don’t look anything like this place. This Gym & Spa was 1st class and high class all the way. You almost want to go just because simply being in the facility feels like you’re already doing something to pamper yourself. Who doesn’t want that?


I also loved that even though I wasn’t a member, because I was getting a spa treatment, I had full access to the entire gym, pool, jacuzzi, steam room and even the classes for the entire day. As soon as I had that information, I was already planning my next eyebrow wax/massage/gym day with a best friend in my head.


It was an absolutely lovely day, and I can’t wait to go back, and even more so….I can’t wait for TEN of you to have the opportunity to get your own pamper treatment and day away at their spa as well!!!

Here’s a little more info on where you’re getting to go:

Total Woman Gym + Spa is a full service gym and spa focusing on women’s lifestyle and wellness, With 15 locations throughout California, Total Woman Gym + Spa provides women with a unique and unparalleled experience in a female-friendly atmosphere. Offering the state-of-the-art facilities with the top of the line fitness equipment, personal training, group exercise classes (Zumba, spinning, yoga, kick boxing, Pilates, boot camp and more) elegant locker rooms, sauna & steam room, and childcare services. Additionally, Total Woman Gym + Spa includes a full-service day spa offering spa facials, body treatments and massage, all under one roof.

How to enter and win!

~ 1st…Make double sure there is a Total Woman Gym + Spa Near you by clicking here.

~ Visit the Total Woman Gym + Spa website and leave a comment sharing what pamper treatment you’d most like to experience!  (include in your comment how you subscribe to this blog, as only subscribers are eligible for the giveaway!  thanks!)

~ “Like” Total Woman Gym + Spa on Facebook, and leave a comment on their wall letting them know “Le Musings of Moi sent me!”

For extra ways to win (leave additional comments for each):

~ Subscribe to Le Musings of Moi YouTube
~ Follow Le Musings on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram

I will announce the winners on my Instagram, Thursday January 16th, so make sure you’re following!!!


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  1. emilyrose says:

    I would love to win a Swedish Massage! I subscribe to your blog via facebook :)

  2. Genelle Lovett says:

    I am excited to be entered into this drawing, yay! Genelle Lovett

  3. Victoria Bradley says:

    I am so ready for a spa day!

  4. Victoria Bradley says:

    I finally subscribed to your YouTube channel:)

  5. Victoria Bradley says:

    I already follow you on Instagram!

  6. Victoria Bradley says:

    I follow you on Pinterest too:) Geesh, I’m starting to sound like a stalker! Lol!!!

  7. follow on facebook

  8. subscribe to blog as well

  9. follow on pinterest

  10. and now twitter!!

  11. Kina Malia says:

    I would LOVE to win this! I need spa treatments!!!! I would probably go with the facial since I’ve only had 1 ever! Or maybe a massage! Pick me please❤

  12. Jennie Cake says:

    I would love to win the deluxe spa trio; however, my skin has been screaming for a facial. I am a subscriber to the blog, following on FB (I don’t have the other 3) and a subscriber on YouTube.. Pick me please :)

  13. Sandra Knutson says:

    I am following you on FB and Pinterest and I liked the gym page. If I am picked, I would like to give my spot to a well deserving friend in much need of a day of relaxation. She is a fellow homeschooling mom with a young baby who is teething (meaning mommy isn’t sleeping), with two active young boys she homeschools, who is just tired and frustrated with marriage, life and homeschooling. We have all been in that dark space. She is a dear friend of mine and this would help her to get away from it all for a few hours. Thanks for offering this!

  14. Sandra Knutson says:

    Also following you on YouTube. But I don’t have an Instagram account :(.

  15. LOVE LOVE this blogger. I will love her even if the rewards are all given out. :))):() I have never had a facial. The thought of laying down in solitude and having amazing products and love given to my face and head. I don’t even know if I could drive home after as it will put me in a state of relaxation that I just haven’t had in a long time!

  16. After just having a baby I need a massage, so I’d pick that! I subscribe via RSS feed.

  17. I follow on Pinterest

  18. and Instagram

  19. and Twitter

  20. and Facebook and Youtube…. Victoria isn’t the only one sounding like a stalker!

  21. Victoria Bradley says:

    Did I mention that I follow your blog and I have no idea which treatment I would choose. They all look FABULOUS! Hoping my daughter joins in on the contest!

  22. is this over? totally haven’t gotten on anything with work and school being crazy?