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It’s a week into the New Year, and I still have that giddy butterflies excitement you tend to experience with new.  I love when it still shows up with Jimmy, and it’s a feeling we all tend to long for and cling to whenever it so desires to show it’s face.

The New Year is like that for me.  It’s a new relationship, a new love, and it is filled with hope and passion and potential.

Last week I shared how 2014 was to be a year of Getting Unstuck, and how we, as a family, are going to make each month intentional by focusing the 30-ish days to a different theme, goal, or value. We had a little impromptu family meeting where we threw out the idea to our kids, and the excitement was contagious. Everyone had their own ideas and desires to throw into the mix, and within minutes a list was created, and a plan was formed.

And because we’re Americans and also because of the gluttony that came with the Holidays, we chose to make Getting Healthy the focus of January.

Although for us, getting healthy is so much more than just eating right and being active, while those are still definitely among the top of our list. But, in addition to that, we long to get healthy in our minds and spiritual lives as well. Though we intend to delve even deeper into those areas in other months, it’s always good to start positive habits as early as possible.


Though all of this, we’re keeping the mindset of striving towards excellence all while maintaining a heart of grace. We realize we may not perfectly achieve our goals, but what’s most important is that we never stop trying. If we mess up, or begin to get off track, we’ll pick ourselves up, learn the lesson and move on towards better moments.  It’s called, Getting Unstuck.

So the question on our minds and lips this month, whether related to our actions, thoughts, food, or activities will be:
“Is this healthy for me, or can I choose a better way?”

I’m excited and more than ready to be mindful of this, and my plan is to share here every Monday our tips, tricks and examples of how to make this month (as well as the rest of your life) a more healthy & happy one!  I want to document this year as much as possible and make it a year of intention, a year to remember, a year to Getting Unstuck.

Are you in?

And, as always, if you have any ideas, tricks & tips as well, please be sure to leave them in the comments so that we can all check in to feel motivated and inspired!!!  Also be sure to use the hashtags #12in1unstuck and/or #making2014count with your posts!


*** for those of you that like to keep up with my YouTube channel, here’s a link to todays video: YAY or NAY? Reviewing Products I’ve used up (empties)

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