we’re building an orphanage and we’re heading back!

{the video update & a written one!}

Dearest friends & family…

It’s about that time again!!! It’s been a lonnnnng few months waiting to go back to the Dominican Republic, and suddenly it’s now just less than a month away!!!

Our family has so appreciated all you have done for us both in prayer and supporting this ministry. I can’t begin to tell you all that God is doing and in the midst of doing…but I’m going to try.
And try to make it quick! (ish)

Our Role with The Childrens Home:
First off, I’m excited to share that Jimmy and I have volunteered to help take on part of the sponsorship portion of this ministry, which is now called Alpha Youth Development Foundation. (our facebook page with all the updates)
I’m also in the middle of working with Stephanie, my web designer, to create the website for the Alpha Foundation as well.
I’ll be sure to post the link once it’s live!! (we’re SO close!!!)

Child Sponsorship:
We have a TON of children desperate for sponsors, so they can get meals, clothes, and have the funds to attend school. (we are in the process of raising $$ to buy a bus as well so that ALL kids may attend.)

So, if you’re at all interested in sponsoring a child or two, I would LOVE to hear from you!
And how much more amazing if you sponsor AND then one day join us on an upcoming missions trip to meet your child!!!
Trust me, I’ve met most of the children/teens, and they all hold a special place in my heart.

Let me share one quick personal example of how sponsoring children there has changed lives.

On our last trip, I told you about meeting two orphans, Daniella & Nuno.

My heart was captured, and I knew they were meant for us. I made promises to get them into school, but had no idea how to help them in all the other ways they needed (ie: a home, meals, safety). But after a month or two of emails back and forth with Pastor Joel, we decided to start sponsoring them monthly so they could have at least an education and two meals a day (through the church).

{Daniella & Nuno}

{similar to the building they lived in}

{where Daniella (8) slept alone}


But God is so much more than that.

While we prayed and cried and wished with all our hearts that we could do more from so far away, God showed up. And we got word that Pastor Joel had decided he could no longer allow them to live where they were even though our Childrens Home isn’t ready.

And get this.
He selflessly took them into his already tiny and completely filled home (with his two daughters and a few other adopted children), where they are now fed, bathed, loved, and attending school and church regularly.

Let me just tell you, this FAR exceeded our prayers and expectations. But God is good. He is faithful. And he is making a HUGE difference even when we’re not there!!!

Exciting changes in Olivares:
Now for some other important updates as to what’s been going on in the Batey of Olivares (where we are building the childrens home) since we were last there as a team:

~ Crops being planted: We will be growing a wide variety of vegetables, food, poultry, and livestock. A portion of the produce will go to the community and the surplus sold to restaurants and hotels. (this creates a revenue & job opportunitues for the community)
~ Souls being saved: During the course of the last 5 months over 20 people in the village haven given their lives to the Lord. A majority of these new converts are young men and adult males in their 70s!
~ Feeding Program: We recently started a feeding program for all the children in the village. They are provided with one hot meal every-other-day. Also, every morning and afternoon all the school-age children gather in the church for prayer and a snack before they head-off to school.

And this is only the beginning!

Our Future Trips & Plans:
I just want to share once again that it is still very clear to us that this is where God wants our family to be….for now. And it is our strong desire to be a part of as many of these team missions trips as we possibly can.

We also know, our plans are not always God’s plans, and so we go to Him with empty hands and simply ask him to fill it with only what is of Him.

All that said, as always we are asking you all to come together with us and PRAY.
Pray for the batey of Olivares.
For Pastor Joel.
For Robert, who is going there monthly to build relationships and help them to create change.
And for our family. That God would provide just what He desires us to have, and that we would be at peace with his provision.

Upcoming Trips:

November: The current plan is that Jimmy will be going solo on this trip. I am so excited for him, because while I see his heart for all that we’re doing, I know that by going there….his heart and life will be forever changed. The plan (always flexible) for this trip is to begin the clearing of the land and getting it ready to build on. And as always, VBS, Teen Discipleship, and building relationships will be a major focus as well.

December: For this trip, our plan is that I will go solo since the timing isn’t good for Jimmy to be gone from work. This is the trip that prayerfully we will actually begin BUILDING the Children’s Home! And as always, VBS, Teen Discipleship, and building relationships will be a major focus as well.

If you have it on your heart to help support us, this link will allow you to make a tax deductible donation, which I promise will MAKE A DIFFERENCE you may never truly see this side of heaven.

We all, collectively, in all the ways we choose to help, are going and making disciples of the Lord.
And that is EXACTLY what he has called us to do.

We honestly love each and every one of you, and cannot begin to find words to thank you for your love, prayers and support.


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