the DTR talk: time to define the relationship

Sometimes it’s just good to have that talk.
To really set some boundaries so that you and everyone involved can really know what to expect…

I’m getting focused.
I’m defining me.
I’m defining my “brand.”
I’m defining us.

And after you watch, I need a little something from you too.

Watch and see….

***As you may have noticed, I’ve been splitting my time more between my blog and my YouTube channel.  It’s been refreshing for me to have both outlets for me to share creatively.  And I’m so incredibly thankful and grateful for every single one of you who have continued to support and encouraging me all along in “a place to say, ‘me too!'”***

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  1. Summer, I love your videos. I found you a month or so via Kat’s link up. I’ve never done a YouTube video myself. I’d love to know your process. What tools do you use to make and edit your videos, etc. You do a great job!

    A little about me: I’m a freelance writer and my blog is kind of home base for that. Like I said, I’ve never done a video, but I’d like to try. The only thing is that when I tried to do one on my MacBook, I looked and sounded like death. Ugh. I also don’t know how to do any of the cool things like the little cuts and breaks that you do (I don’t even know what those are *called!*) or add music or text.

    How did YOU learn to vlog? Can you point me toward some resources?

    • says:

      Shana, you are such a blessing to me!!! I am constantly appreciative of your comments & support! I feel the love and I LOVE IT!
      As for Vlogging, it’s all been trial and error!!! I haven’t taken any courses or classes, I just pulled out my camera and started working! I think the biggest thing for me is watching other YouTubers I love and respect and taking notes that would work for my and my style. I do all my editing with my MacBookPro in iMovie…and that too, as all been learned just by playing around with it. =) I might do a lot better though if I actually spent more time learning the business a little more. =)

  2. what is the white thing on your sweater? and where are your 4 necklaces? and yes i subscribed and follow. xoxo