why you need a staycation/mommy sabbatical

{i worked with sheknows & embassy suites on this collab post in exchange for this lovely family/mommy night. i think Jesus might have been in on it too.}


What started as an idea for a family staycation, suddenly transformed into something even more exciting and perfect. Part family staycation, part mommy getaway/one day sabbatical.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.
It was a rough week last week, let me tell you.

I, in all my brilliance, decided to cut out sugar, bad carbs, and soda all on the same day I decided to start our homeschool year.

MmmmHmmm. I’m just that smart.

It was awful. I thought I had the flu. I slept every time I sat down, I was sick to my bones, and to top it all off, Taylor was NOT too thrilled with getting back to school. Needless to say, I cried A LOT, slept a lot, and was not acting a bit like Michelle Duggar in any way.

So, bringing my family to sleep in a hotel for a staycation when we just finished a weeklong one only a week ago, sounded… lovely.
Okay, maybe not so lovely.

But, I’m a mom.
Which means I deal with guilt.
And if I took the hotel to myself, how selfish would that be??

Except, I homeschool.
So that cancels out me being selfish.

So, I made a change. The trip would be part staycation/part one night mommy sabbatical.

I sweetly and selflessly invited them all to come along to relax and chill in an air-conditioned suite (our house has no air, and it’s been a stale and grumpy 85 degrees INSIDE), and enjoy the hotels amenities.

Chloe & I painted our nails while the boys practiced jiujitsu, and then while they headed down to the indoor pool for a bit, I worked on some videos.
It sounds so simple, and yet it was so perfect and lovely and such a treat for every single one of us.

Embassy Suites pool

Later we all got back together to head down for the hotel’s Complimentary Evening Reception.
With free sodas, drinks, popcorn, pretzels, carrots, and celery with ranch, we set up a nice little table and spent some time chatting and bonding…making memories, all while Chloe and Taylor watched in awe as the elevators went up and down on the OUTSIDE of the wall.

It was magical.


They were in heaven.
And I was in heaven.

Because while they got to swim and play and see the Koi and have a mini dinner of carbs & veggies, I knew that in just a short while I was going to get an entire suite to myself for the whole entire night.

This has never ever happened.
In my whole life.

But, let me just tell you, It. Was. Amazing.

I made videos for my YouTube channel.
I edited the videos.
I played with makeup.
I took a bath at midnight.
I made a To Do List with a clear head and felt oh so much better afterwards.
I even watched cable. (I miss cable, btw. Oh. So. Bad.) Funny cable that totally made me laugh out loud all alone in my room.

It was so amazing that I stayed up until 3 in the morning doing all kinds of stuff, all by myself, in complete silence.
It was TO DIE FOR.

Seriously moms, you need to get on this trend, and I do believe Embassy Suites is the place to do it.

You basically get an apartment for your room.

The suite consists of an entire living room, dining room and office space. And then you open another door, where you enter your bedroom (with another tv, hallelujah!), your bathroom, and the largest vanity I’ve even had the pleasure of sitting at.

And while this suite is plenty large enough to accomadate our family of 4 (the sofa turns into a bed), it’s also perfect for a party of one, as I quickly learned.

I’m pretty sure I sat on every couch and chair at some point in the night.
You know, because I could.


In the morning, my plan was to wake up and saunter down to their complimentary cooked-toorder breakfast, but amazingly my eyes didn’t open until well after 10:30, right about the time it ends.

And as much as I love free food, I’m pretty sure I love sleep so much more. Thankfully, I had brought snacks to fill up the fridge, (they also had a microwave! That’s my way of cooking!), so instead I munched on fruit while I leisurely got ready for my day.

By checkout at noon (so soon???), the family was back to get me, and oh my word, the joy I felt when I saw how happy the kids were to see me again! For once I got to experience all that Jimmy feels when he comes home from work every day and the kids are THRILLED to see his face.
Lucky duck.

But for this one time, The Embassy Suites allowed me that moment.

They allowed my children and husband to enjoy the hotel’s amazing amenities, and they allowed me to find my brain, my creativity, and my focus…
and my sleep.

If you’re a mom…you MUST find a way in the budget to make this happen at least once a month.
{maybe give up cable, because then you’ll appreciate it more when you stay at the hotel!}
You better believe that I had that same conversation with Jimmy hours after getting home.

And if you’re a family in need of a perfect hotel that allows you the feeling of staying in an apartment with two separate rooms (privacy and better sleep for all), this is also the hotel for you.

embassy suites card

No matter what route you take, really, we all win.

Who’s in with me on monthly/quarterly/yearly mommy nights away???

{thank you SheKnows & Embassy Suites for this amazing gift!}

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