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Sharing what I reached for and loved the most during September! Plus, I’m sharing a few of my tips on health & fitness!

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~ Deep Steep Bubble Bath Goodness

~ Sibu Face Wash

~ Sibu Exfoliating Scrub

~ Larabars

~ Zevia

~ Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara

$40 Drugstore Makeup Sway w/vlogwithkendra
Eyebrow Threading Experiment: Does numbing cream really help?
50 Random Facts about Me Tag
Your TOP TEN Fall Essentials, A collab project!

As always, please let me know what videos you want to see next!

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  1. OK… I didn’t even know that pink thing existed. I’m in DESPERATE need for a good foundation & application tips! What foundation do you use?
    YES YES YES… that drink is incredible. I was a Diet Coke addict, until something toxic hit me & caused neuropathy & me in the ER with MRI’s on my head… I stay far away from asparthame. That drink is incredible… & LaraBars are fantastic. Their protein bars are great too.
    I agree with your mascara too… someone told me about it & I had to find a rep. I just ordered 2 more tubes last week!!!

  2. What was the name of the pink thing? I don’t see the link above… Thanks!

    • Rebecca, What the heck??? What happened in the ER??? That’s craziness! Okay, the pink thing MUST HAVE is called a Beauty Blender. Amazon. And right now I’m using and loving Boots Beautifully Matte foundation from Target. =) xo

      *SUMMER*SALDANA* *~ *Freelance Writer*
      SheKnows: SheKnows Mommalogues:

      • Thanks! Headed to Amazon right now!…& yeah, they said I had some sort of toxic reaction – they never figured out from what. My feet, legs, hands, arms, face all went numb. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t lift my arms. They didn’t know what happened. I had no strength. Everything else checked out fine. They ‘concluded’ 6 months later that it was a B6 toxicity… I think it was from a steroid they were giving me for bicep tendonitis. But they said it could potentially be from something toxic in my flu shot, from anything in the environment. I’ve been FANATIC about everything I put on my skin, around me, what I eat…it was a nightmare. I thought I was going to die.

  3. I dearly love these videos! :) Have you ever done a video of stuff you don’t like at all? Or are “steer clear” videos a taboo thing? Ha ha!
    I do have a question, tho. I’ve been a Clinique 3-step (cleanse, toner, moisturizer) girl for several years, but the $55.50 for the whole system is getting to me & I’m trying to get on the #nomobeautyxs wagon with ya. Would you recommend Sibu over derma e for cost effective facial basics? Or…??? just wanting to try some new stuff for my main regimen & not sure where to start/look. Help?