what forgiveness means & how to do it for good

I have a hard time with forgiveness.
It hurts being let down by people and events, and it’s so hard to let that go.

But then my mentor recently shared this with me,
“Forgiveness is simply taking the offense and pain out of your lap and instead placing it at the feet of Jesus.”


Immediately, I could imagine a vivid picture for that.
And in that moment, I saw all that was in my lap and weighing on my shoulders.
Then I pictured myself in one giant scoop, handing it all over.

“Dumping it” might be a better phrase.

It’s off.

It’s so simple.

I can do that.
I can forgive.

I can let it go, and give it to Jesus.
{over and over again}

I can be free, and so can you.

Just scoop it all up, and leave it with Jesus.
Dump it if you must.
And then go eat chocolate cake or ice cream to celebrate.

Because that, sweet friends, is what forgiveness really is.

Do you find yourself having a hard time forgiving?
Imagine this…
Journal this….
Draw this….
Whatever helps you see it, do it.

It’s time to be free.


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  1. I love any talk about forgiveness…
    I just have a hard time not going back & picking it back up… sad… but true…

  2. What a wonderful post Summer. I am dealing with some forgiveness issues at the moment (who isn’t really?) and this hit the spot. I know I will need to re-visit this post more than once to keep it fresh in my mind. Thanks for sharing.