how much do we really have in common?

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to balance my time between writing/blogging and working on my video skills over on YouTube.

Sometimes, I just find it so much easier to write it all out…and then sometimes I just want to not think and simply talk.

I love it here, and I love it there.
It’s like me, all balanced out.

Sooooo… I’m sharing my latest video: 50 Random Facts
Yes, they are random and  I’m pretty sure only Jimmy would know all 50…

So watch on, and count how many “me too’s” we get!
Let’s find out just how much we really do have in common!!!

{btw. subscribing to my channel feels like a hug. and i LOVE hugs. So lets hug? Just click on the video and you’re on your way!}

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As always, please please let me know what videos you want to see next!

While I LOVE beauty, health, and all things related, more than anything my heart and soul belongs to Jesus! This quote expresses exactly what I hope shines more than anything:

“Like Paul and every other believer, my life is no longer my own. The focus must not be on me, but on Christ. When someone hears from me publicly, I want it all to point to Him.”
{quote from John MacArthur}


love you guys!!!
xoxo, Summer

Music credit: Helen Austin (with permission!)

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  1. You’ve made me want to create my own video with fun facts :)
    That’s exactly why I work with the youth… especially with girls – the struggles of today, bless their hearts. They need extra support & love & direction to Jesus as they can get.
    WHAT??!?!? I’ve been looking into bioidentical hormone therapy & was wondering how it worked & how people liked it. I guess it’s working for you? you recommend?

    • Oh girl. Bioidentical hormones are seriously a gift from Jesus!!! Changed my life!!! And by the way, I always look forward to your comments. They absolutely brighten my day!!!

  2. I just recently found your blog and I’ve been great at reading your awesome posts but not so great at leaving comments! We do have many things in common, especially our love for Jesus! 😉 😉 😉
    I love baths (have you tried adding lavender oil?); Breakouts? HA! Im 46 and still get them (doesn’t that make you feel grand?); I think the same things about my kids and worrying that I’m going to screw them up (So glad God is able to work beyond my abilities); You poor thing having to get your hair done every 8-9 weeks!!! Im supposed to go every 4-6 weeks (rude awakening for a girl who used to go once a year…maybe twice) oh and that’s because I was in shades of a dark auburnish brown and yes I’m reverting back to a blonder shade as we speak because of the grey 😉 ; I haven’t seen Chicago so I can’t comment on that, based on your rendition Im not sure if I should see it (LOL, just teasing 😉 Happy, happy anniversary!; I change into my cozies as soon as I get home also; I love to organize, not as excited at deep cleaning although; I’ve suffered with depression since early 30’s. On meds that work great but still have those months when the bottom drops out. I looooove your haircut and color and I looooove your writing. Looking forward to more 😉

    • Girl. I. Love. You.
      You get me!!!

      And yes!!! If you watch my empties video (recent) I talk about my Epsom lavender baths. So hooked and so good for you!!! And thank you so much for this awesome comment. Totally made my day!!!