life is changing & i’m telling the story

It’s been a long few years.
{a long life?}Among the joys and blessings there have also been a lot of struggles, a lot of character building, and a lot of very humbling moments…
And yet, when something amazing and perfectly fitting comes along in your life, you realize all the many reasons God allowed you to walk the road you did.With time, experience and a teachable heart, comes perspective and wisdom.

I’m learning that ever so slowly.

God is doing something in our family.
Something exciting and big and a little bit scary.
And I’ve shared a little, but there’s so much more…

There are times I simply want to leave my heart to words written, but in this case, I want so badly to be able to sit down with each and every one of you and share all that is in my heart.
Just the way I have done with my closest friends since being home.

And so this video is just that.
Grab your tea.
It’s time for us to chat, friend to friend.
Cause I’m fixin’ to tell you my story….

For more information on how to support this Childrens Heritage Foundation Orphanage project or if you’d love to get involved yourself click here.

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To support our family while we continue to help with this project, click on the orphanage button to the right as well as here.

Music in the video by Kyle Hildebrand (Simple Song)

© 2013 “Le Musings of Moi”

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