friday favorite links: Hair Tutorials, Health Tips & Parenting 101

It’s been awhile since I’ve joined the masses of the blog world in doing Friday Link Favorites…. But I really do love reading them, so I want to join in when I can!
So here are just a few links that I loved (and some I wrote, lol) lately.  
You gotta check them out!!!
Stuff on the web I loved…
With all the traveling my family and I will be doing from here on out with the building of the orphanage in the DR, reading books on my phone may not cut it on long plane rides anymore.  So when I read this article on Laura’s blog Hollywood Housewife, I knew I had found my Mothers Day Gift.  How do you read?
Is taming your child’s tongue really the answer?  Or does it really have more to do with the overflow of their heart?  I love Sarah Mae’s wisdom and approach to this, and it’s already made a difference this week in how I handle certain situations with the kids.  I’ve stopped trying to tame my childrens tongue.
My friend Karin recently turned me onto this new blog, We’re THAT Family, because of their family ministry.  It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite reads every day, because I understand her heart.  I absolutely love her honesty & compassion.  This post made me realize…she gets me, and she doesn’t even know it.  For when you need the Son.
I am so guilty of getting distracted.  I have a short attention span but a BIG heart to take on a lot all at once.  So reading this post How to focus in an age of distraction on A Holy Experience, actually really got me to focus, slow down and pay attention.  Can you relate?  ….Oh look at that butterfly….
My writings on the web….
I may be one of the only people who can ONLY braid my own hair and not others, so on SheKnows I wrote an article complete with step by step instructions and pictures: 5 easy steps to create your very own fishtail braid
And speaking of hairstyles… I also wrote another SheKnows article on Easy Alternatives to the Mom Ponytail.  Because we all need them, and we can ALL do these styles in seconds!!!
Did you know NOT flossing can lead to heart problems???  I didn’t either until I started researching it.  Check out my newfound knowledge on my P&G Everyday article Flossing: The secret to healthier teeth
I love writing for P&G, because I always learn so much in my research.  And for this one, I convinced myself that stretching every morning can change the whole day before me.  Get familiar with the benefits and then get busy stretching!!! The Benefits of Stretching: Start Your Morning Off Right With Stretching
My incredibly sweet kindred spirit friend, Stacy, wrote a life changing devotion that I absolutely loved.  This girl is the real deal, the kind of christian Jesus is truly proud of.  If you’ve ever struggled with finding joy in the midst of pain, this devotion is for you!  Finding Purpose in the Pain: 21 Days to Finding Purpose in Pain (only $3.99 on Kindle!)
And then of course, there’s the Mommalogues
….which I absolutely love!
This month we have Tia from Tia & Tamara as our celeb guest AND we have a NEW Mommaloguer!!!  
So you definitely need to go check them both out!
P.S. Next week I have EXCITING news to share!!! 
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