bathroom prayers produce joy…eventually


She didn’t know it, but the words she spoke to me would make me smile for many days to follow.

“Summer!  I’m so happy to see you, and you just look SO happy!!!”

She said it a couple times throughout the night, and each time I wanted to reach out and grasp her words and hold them tightly, never letting go.

It had been an emotionally draining day.
Few days actually.

I had just been dealing with misunderstanding, deep hurts, and hard decisions…and I felt as though my heart might actually crumble into little pieces.

And yet, somehow in the midst of all the gunk….
I knew I would be okay.

I wasn’t feeling tormented.
Or angry.
Or in any way confused by God’s plans with my life and friendships.

I wasn’t any of those things, because I had been in prayer.
Every.  Single.  Day.
Specific prayers.
And the issues I was dealing with were actually just a couple of those exact prayers I had been “circling” each and every day.

I didn’t doubt for a moment that God was at work.

Yes, I was hurting.
Yes, I felt lost.
Of course, I wanted to make things go my way initially….

But when I heard her words…. “You just look SO happy….” it hit me.

Maybe in that moment I didn’t exactly feel happiness…
my current circumstances were far from happy…

But what I’m sure she saw that night,
was Joy.
Joy despite my circumstances.

This had just been another prayer of my heart for far more days than I could even remember.

They had been the Bathroom floor kind of prayers.

And hearing her words alerted me to what has been bringing a smile to my face in the most random of moments.

Another prayer answered.

I’ve found my joy.
I have been blessed with the biggest answered prayer of my life.

It’s not always perfect, this life….
But when you are filled with the Joy of the Lord….everything really is that much better.

It’s simple.
You cling to Him.
You cry out to Him.
You look ONLY at Him…

and there is it.


© 2013 “Le Musings of Moi”

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