february loves

Over at RooMag today, I’m sharing my Ultimate List of Favorites, and not necessarily just for the month of February, but of all time.

Because sometimes this month of love doesn’t just have to be about loving others….but taking a moment to love yourself!  

So before February ends, why not try out some of my favorite loves and pamper yourself a bit?  You deserve it!

Check out the my ENTIRE LIST by clicking on February Loves (books, shopping websites, beauty and more!).

And leave a comment there sharing what YOU love….can be anything at all!


Also, let me just remind you of something I mentioned yesterday….

Her&I and Le Musings YouTube were both nominated for Top 25 Mom Vlogs of 2013.
It would mean so much if you took a second to vote for both.  
All you have to do is click both links, find our names, and click the cute little heart…and wa la!  You just voted and an angel got her wings.
And in all your free time remember that you can vote once a day until March 13.
I know it’s just a contest, but hey….why not try?
Who doesn’t want to be Top 25 of something?
{At the moment I’ve dropped from #20 to 40something…and that just hurts my feelings.}
“….it’s just a contest, it’s just a contest, it’s just a contest….”


In other news Her&I are joining forces with some other INCREDIBLE YouTubers to do a MAY-Jah giveway starting Feb 28!!!  
It’s gonna be a CRAP load of high end beauty product favorites and you don’t want to miss out!  It’s only open for subscribers, so make sure to head over and SUBSCRIBE, like now.  You know, if you’re one who happens to like winning hundreds of dollars of makeup and beauty products….

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