been around the web and i i i…

Okay, so first off, Her & I YouTube is alive and well!  It’s been so fun adding in this project to my life, and switching things up.  It’s just the change I needed to find passion and motivation again!

Here’s the latest on our channel, and make sure to click over and subscribe with your email so you’ll get notified when we have new videos up.  (Who wants to be last to know, right???)  We just want to always be able to connect with the people watching, instead of you know, feeling like we’re just talking to ourselves.  (Like um, we kind of already are doing.)

Also, you should totally take a second and read Sarah’s post on the WHY behind Her & I….I just loved how she explained our hearts and intentions so perfectly.

So, our goal is to have between 2-3 videos up per week.  And of course, if you have ANY ideas or suggestions on what you want to see, we definitely want to hear them!

FYI, we’re totally going to do a FUN giveaway when we get to 200 subscribers, so you know…if you want.  No pressure or anything.


Besides filming, I’m still writing A LOT.  In fact, I can’t wait to share with you the articles I’ve done for Proctor & Gamble as I’ve been learning SO much!!  Plus I have another FASHION column in the works for SheKnows, so that should be fun too!

In the meantime, since I know I haven’t been HERE as much….here’s my latest on Candace’s RooMag!

Yesterdays my post was all about desiring to be Renewed in the New Year, and what truth that longing brought me to.  Sometimes it’s the simple realizations that mean the most and have the most impact, you know?

To Make Like New


It’s nice to see that as time is unfolding I am finally finding a balance and it feels so good….which reminds me…  I have a homeschooling update I need to share and soon.

Woah nelly, it’s crazy how that decision has COMPLETELY challenged and changed me.  There’s just nothing like having a mirror held up to you and seeing stuff you had NO idea was inside.  Yuck.

Anyway, more on that later.  You have videos to watch.

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