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Well, look at that. 
Looks like I took a week off without even realizing it!
My birthday weekend turned into a birthday week (which I love!), and I am still catching up on my sleep from all the fun!  Never in my life have I ever been so spoiled from my friends, and I really believe the people in my life now will forever be.  It took a long time to find friends like these, and I realize I am blessed.


{they’ve seen me in the best and worst of times, and love me regardless}
{hashtag: fabfour}

And then life, as it does, is continually changing (even though I desperately wish it wouldn’t!!!) and this last week was all about making changes in Taylor’s homeschooling schedule.  
When I have a big decision to make, especially when it comes to my kids, I easily become all consumed.  
I’m just always so afraid of making the wrong decision and ultimately SCREWING THEM UP FOR LIFE.  
Okay, so I get that isn’t so true….but still…I’m middle child dramatic and that’s just where my brain goes.

Thankfully, the decision was made, and I feel happy and content about it.  And I believe in the end, Taylor and I will both be happier.  

Or at the very least, less stressed.


I started working out again!  
Yay me!
And it’s all thanks to The Dailey Method for a offering me a month long challenge, and I’m so so SO glad, because I’m finally getting my motivation back to get in shape and back in gear.  

It’s been a full week now, and I’ve already attended 6 classes and am TOTES feeling the burn.
Every.  Single.  Class.
Which is always new and different, by the way, and I think I quite like that.

In other news….

This week I signed a contract to begin writing for one of my favorite websites, Home Made Simple.  
I probably won’t have any articles to share until January, but in the meantime if you haven’t already, go check them out!  
You will love!

Speaking of love, here’s what caught my interest this week on the interwebs…

Always a fan of Elle, and I feel like she just gets me in this video…

And I feel like they get Jimmy in this one…


Speaking of videos…I have a little video/contest to tell you about*:

T-Mobile created a “Life Without Limits” series featuring Andy Blackman Hurwitz who is the co-founder of Baby Loves Disco.  
Vimeo award winning director Eliot Rausch and his crew will follow around Andy for two days to find out how he’s able to balance his entrepreneurial spirit with raising 3 sons.  
See how Andy Blackman Hurwitz combined his passion for music with the love for his family…
THEN…post a photo that shows you living your life without limits on Twitter or Instagram with #LifeWithoutLimits and @TMobile. Presented by T-Mobile, the only nationwide 4G network with unlimited data.’ 

Please be sure to use @TMobile and #LifewithoutLimits!

And now, check out the video:

And because this seems to be a video edition, you guys have to check out Harris III or as Clare calls him, Harris the Third.  
I had the pleasure of meeting him this week when I met up with Candace and Clare in LA to have a night out celebrating Clare’s visit.

Harris was sweet enough to take the three of us to The Magic Castle.
Which was….magical.

Especially the phone booth.
I hear it makes people break glass and accidentally cuss when they don’t even know it.
Weird stuff I tell ya.
Anyway, Harris III is a talented magician/illusionist who gives THE TRUTH in his performances, and I kind of dig that.

{p.s. i’m about to kiss that dark hair goodbye!}


And then of course, here’s what you missed on the Mommalogues

~ Should parents have guns in their homes? (Jimmy once again says his piece…)

{bad video quality, i know.  i was deathly sick and just filmed when i had clear moment.}


Got answers to Mommalogues questions above? 
Leave your comments below!!!  
Don’t be scurrrrred!
*paid sponsorship, yet i only team up when i believe in or love something, and this happens to be one of them!  i hope if i love, you will too.
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