making changes

Since September, life has been a whirlwind of change.
First there was homeschooling.  
What the?!?!?
And then I began teaching and adding more Aqua Zumba classes to my schedule.
Then we listed our house.
Then we had to FIND another house.
Then in just one week we had to pack and move.
{and thennnnnn….}
Then there was unpacking.
And still there was homeschooling.
And after all that, I began to experience incredible pain in both my feet.
Which led to the diagnosis of Arthritis/Heel Injuries…
Which brought with it the instructions for,
Workout rest.
And of course, that brought with it….
My own eating healthy rest.
And writing/blogging rest.
I love change.
And I hate change.
It’s exciting and exhausting.
Draining and invigorating.
And so my mind feels all kinds of cluttered.
My thoughts don’t feel complete.
I feel torn between so many things and people.
I have a list of important to do’s and obligations that are way past due.
We’re behind in homeschooling.
I’m behind in taking care of my health.
I’m behind in friendships.
I’m simply behind.
I don’t much enjoy that.
But, I’m not a quitter.


Yes I’ve been a bit scattered here and there….it’s not the end of the world.
It’s simply the phase I’m in.
It’s just what my life is right now.
I am a planner though, and I’m not content to sit in this mess and wallow, so in order to get organized….
MORE change is a comin’.
First, I’m in the fun process of switching this blog to WordPress.
I also want to start the New Year off with a clear mind on where I want to go with this blog and my writing.
I want to have committed days that I write.
And committed days that I work out.
I especially need committed time to homeschool.
I need to sit with my schedule and take control, instead of letting my schedule take control of me.
I’m excited though.
Tired, yes (i fall asleep sitting up now, it’s a talent…), but excited.
It’s been months of chaos and a lot of stuff coming up that’s been shaking up my life, but I can see that it’s going to be good in the end.
I can see clearly now…
…once the rain has gone.
Hang in there with me.
© 2012 “Le Musings of Moi”
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