i make myself laugh, and hopefully you too

I keep seeing these x-tra normal videos going around and some of them are SO funny!!!

Like this one about farting in Zumba:

So the other night, Jimmy and I got all wild and crazy and stayed up way past our bedtime to try our hand at making some of our own.

This first one I did alone, as it was my therapy for an argument we tend to have quite often.
More or less this is exactly how it goes:

Can I get a “me too?”

My kids think the wiping poopy booties part is the funniest, and they quote it several times a day.
Which makes me feel super special.
We’re all stuck in Jr. High around here.


Now this one, Jimmy and I made together.
He started it and we passed the computer back and forth typing in our own responses until it was complete.
I should note….
 Jiu-Jitsu is not gay.  
Yes, the names are kind of funny in a Jr. High sort of way, but be aware that they’re like pit bulls and it’s a martial art not to be messed with. 
Trust me.
I live with three of them.
{two jiu-jitsuers and one pit bull…all three quite similar!)

The fart part?
That my friends was inspired by a true story….
{in that it happened in the midst of writing the script}

They say real life writes the best scripts.
{or did i just make that up?}

Okay, so what’s been making you laugh lately?
Pass it on, because I am in need of some good laughing time.
I did mention I’m homeschooling, right???
{more on that later…when i can think clearly.}
© 2012 “Le Musings of Moi”
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