who am i anyway??

I’ve been meeting a lot of incredibly amazing women/bloggers here in NYC at BlogHer and as we’re passing business cards back and forth, I’m sure there will be new friendships and relationships forming.
And because there might be a new person or two visiting, I wanted to say, 
“HEY, girl, HEY!”
If you’re new and wanted to know a little more about me, I would definitely suggest checking out the About Me link.  
There you will find why I write, what I’m about, and hopefully by reading you’ll feel like you’ve found a “me too” place to be.
For some of my favorite posts (i should update that soon!) check out the right hand sidebar where I’ve listed out a few that should get you even more familiar with me and my life/writing style.  
And then….besides here you can also find my articles on the website I freelance write for:
Lastly, I’m also one of the mom’s on the SheKnows Mommalogues along with several amazing mom bloggers which you should absolutely check out.  
It’s a fun and entertaining website, and each month we even have a surprise Celeb Mom guest.  
So, I think that should be enough to get ya’ll started or caught up…
And if we just met, be sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog, so I can get to know you too!
© 2012 “Le Musings of Moi”
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