a visit to the dark side…

For quite some time I’ve been talking about and flirting with the idea of going dark with my hair.
And recently when the topic of needing to be on a BUDGET came up (over and over again), I decided that maybe it was time to get more serious with my decision.

And by serious, I mean I headed for a wig store.

Of course, only after texting my closest friends as well as my colorist, Nikki, about 1000 times asking them what they thought I should do.
{i’m thinking Nikki would RATHER i start doing my own hair at this point}
What began as “I’ll just run in and try one on really quick” became about an hour long process with lots of pictures and my mind more confused than ever.
{jimmy’s pick. i can hear the whispers at chloes private preschool. i dance. but not this kind.}

almost black

{almost black}

{dark brown with highlights}

{solid dark brown}

{feelin’ a bit like zooey}

{blonde vs. dark}

{my options. clearly i’m obsessed.}
Finally, Jimmy suggested I simply BUY the wig and wear it around the house to help me decide so we could PLEASE JUST LEAVE THE STORE.
Actually, I think he muttered, “Just buy it, let’s go…” and then headed out to the car with the kids.
Now, I’m not one to be given permission to buy something (especially when on a budget) and turn it down, so I quickly slapped down my plastic and bought that costume wig and proudly wore it all the way home.
{my kids kept telling me to take it off. ¬†jimmy seemed happy…to be out of the store.}

And, I continued to wear it (and try it on with different tops) all night until it was time to get ready for bed.
Also, I texted and Instagrammed pictures all the night long.
{all in addition to coming up with a brilliant party idea consisting of wigs & champagne}

I am very thorough when making decisions….
And you guys, as I stated on my Facebook page, changing my hair drastically is a much bigger decision then anything ever, including whether or not to have another baby.
Okay maybe not, because that decision is easy.
Anyway, after a day of practice….I think I’m actually leaning towards the dark side.
I’ve been blonde for SO long, and I’m antsy for a change.
Plus, it’s budget friendly.
{although if i hated it, I would be all “budget what?”}

Life is short, it’s just hair, and I can always go back to blonde another day.
Sometimes in life, it’s about being free and simply throwing caution to the wind…
If you call buying a wig and obsessing all day throwing caution to the wind….

I guess time (days) will tell just how wild and crazy I am.

I have issues.
No need to tell me.

¬© 2012 “Le Musings of Moi”
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