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Okay, THIS will be the week I get my world back on track, and from now on these posts will go back to their regular scheduled day, Friday.
So I better catch up…here’s last weeks. 
{writing, zumba, learning choreography, kids, summer vacation…who can handle it all???}
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Okay.  We all know (especially my family), that I don’t cook.  But, what you might not know, is that I can’t even properly think of side dishes to prepare or buy to bring to a party or picnic.  And actually, I have a super funny story about the one time I thought I finally had the perfect side dish to bring…and how it ended up being, mmmm…not so much.
what i’m wearing…
top: goodwill
headband: h&m
We are simple folk who like to celebrate the holidays in a simple way.  While in the past there are have been parties and late nights, now that we have young kids (who get psycho with less than 10 hours of sleep), we are lucky if we all stay awake to see the fireworks! (I think last year was the first!) This year, in fact, I want to go even more simple then years past…although, I have yet to pass that by the husband.  Anyway, this is what I hope to be doing this Fourth of July.
what i’m wearing….
necklace: wet seal (almost vintage!)
I decided to once again bring in my better half for this topic.  Who better to say what trait of mine our kids should get than my husband?  This was a tough one for me, because there are just so many qualities of his that I wish and hope my kids inherit….so while he chooses just one (not sure how he narrowed it down so easily), I have to name at least two.  And one has a lot to do with crying.
what i’m wearing….
top: tj maxx
necklace: kate spade…an amazing gift from my florida friend, Karin
When it comes to who I go to for cheering up when I’m down, it really all depends on who or what got me there in the first place.  If being blue has nothing to do with my kids or husband (it happens!), then a snuggle and quality time with them usually can lift my spirits.  Or at the very least center me a little.  But, when it’s my sweet family that has driven me to my breaking point (also happens!), I run as quickly as possible to, first prayer (asking/begging God to control my kids!), and then to my best friends and sisters.  It’s those amazing girls that have the incredible ability to make me laugh and help me to see the brighter side.  I feel truly blessed that I never feel alone with them around.
what i’m wearing…
dress: walmart (it’s the new target)
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