the anxiety cure: another update

{know that this is simply an update on the physical changes, and of course there is an entire aspect of spiritual changes that go with this all as well.  blog post to come on that!}
If you’ve read or poked around on my site at all, you probably know a little about my struggles with depression and anxiety.
{some of you have become my closest friends because of this!}

While it’s not a daily struggle, there have been times in my life where it was.  
Having kids and losing loved ones will do that to you, I suppose.

But, when it started showing up unexpectedly, especially when it’s never been my personality to be anxious or worried, I was a little concerned.
And so, the last few years have become a journey into learning, and reading, and experimenting with ways to get better.

I tried medication.  It helps, but with side effects.
I tried changing my eating (or so I thought at the time), not so much help, but I realize now I wasn’t really changing enough.
I tried natural supplements, after seeing a Biocytonics doctor of sorts. (which won’t do much if your diet still isn’t good, and mine wasn’t.) Also not a lot of help.

It was about that time that my integrative doctor had decided to do a full blood panel and check all my levels to see what was going on.  Our focus was more on my recent gallbladder surgery, but God had a different plan.

When we got the results, we were finally able to see all the madness happening inside my body.
Which kind of matched up exactly with the madness happening on the outside….

I had a massive imbalance of hormones.
Or to be more blunt, I had the progesterone levels of a POST menopausal woman.
Google that.  
Those symptoms are NOT fun.
{don’t you want to send me flowers now?}

So, over the next year, we continued to watch the levels (which continued to get worse) all the while trying different natural methods and diet changes.
(again, i wasn’t truly changing too much with my diet.)

Finally, after a year of consistently low levels (which was this last May), it was determined that I was officially entering the PeriMenopause stage of my life.

At 33 1/2.
{yes, I still get excited about the half.  i can’t WAIT to be 40.  and i’m totally serious.}

And so, my doctor and I decided together to go the bioidentical hormone replacement route.
And while you always start slow, already in just two months time, I feel an incredible difference.

  • There have been no panic attacks. {thank you Jesus!}
  • I haven’t felt true anxiety in a long time. {I’ll take it!}
  • I have more energy during the day, and I’m beginning to sleep better at night.

It’s kind of crazy how much our hormones affect us.
And it’s kind of crazy how doctors aren’t having women checked more often BEFORE prescribing anti-anxiety or depression meds.

I’ve learned there are so many more things other than the thyroid that can affect you emotionally….

All this to say….
This is simply my journey.  
My story.  
My lessons along the way.

While we each have similar stories, we may have a different road to find what works best for us.

But, I pray that each of you who may be struggling, will take the time to learn more.
Be your own doctor in thse sense that you research all your options.
Talk to people who have walked this road….and take notes.

And remember that we aren’t meant to be overloaded with stress, depression and anxiety.

There IS a cure…we just can’t ever give up.
And we have to maintain a community of support, love and trust…
and I hope you feel that here.

No matter what, I get it.
No matter what, I will be there for you.
And in anything and everything I will pray and help you seek and find the answers the Lord has for you.

We all will.
This amazing little community we’ve created.
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Next up, I’ll be sharing my diet changes….and all the tips I’ve been given in case you want to join me on that part of my journey.
© 2012 “Le Musings of Moi”
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