the 2nd most important post of mine, a must read

I’ve been on this mission.
A blog soul revamp if you will.

Okay, so you know how Oprah every few seasons would change something about her show?
Her theme song…
caring about weight, not caring about weight….
her hairstyles….{the tina turner wig was a few seasons if i remember right}
her favorite actor of the year that would be on every other month sharing their life lessons…

Whatever it was, Oprah knew that sometimes, change was necessary and change was good.

I’m no Oprah.
Nor do I worship her the way some do.
Although, after she apologized to James Frey, I did make my peace enough to possibly allow a friendship.


I’ve been feeling this deep desire in my heart that God was calling me to make a change with my blog, or at the very least, a change in my heart towards my blog.

At first I wondered if it was to end my blog, because I like to be dramatic and drastic like that.  And for awhile I considered that in prayer or by constantly asking Jimmy if I should “just quit the blog already.”

I didn’t actually get an audible answer, (either from God or Jimmy), but I never quite got the feeling that quitting right now was the right path to take.

Feelings aren’t always reliable, especially mine Jimmy says, but I’m going to go with this one.

And so one day I put out into the universe (Twitter) just how amazing it would be to have a bloggy mentor help me discover the soul and purpose of my blog.

And yes, I do know my blog doesn’t have an actual SOUL.

Moving on….

And then one amazing godly lady responded, (thank you universe, twitter, GOD)….and we spent the next few days emailing back and forth.

And then she wrote this:
“My question is this: who are you writing to and what do they need? (One sentence). To grow your blog, you have to fill that need. Once you answer that question, the answer goes on your “About” page, and it lives in between the lines in every single post you write. The more clear it is who you are writing to and what you offer them, the more they’ll come and bring friends because you’re the blogger who writes about (fill in the blank).”

I mean, WOAH!

Since we’re on the Oprah topic, can I just say that I may have had an “AHA moment?!?”
{and now that i’ve used that term, i will try never to again.}

I then spent the next few days obsessing, or rather PRAYING (what we christians sometimes call obsessing so as to appear “better christians”) that my dear Jesus would show me exactly what that one sentence, that ONE need was, that He had me begin and CONTINUE this blog for.

One word I kept coming to, because I CLEARLY have issues, is “imperfection…and um, issues.”

Well now.
We can’t very well have an entire blog where I am constantly sharing my imperfections and issues, now can we?
I’m pretty sure that doesn’t invite friends to invite friends.

But, the more I pondered (that’s what us writers do, we ponder, it’s quite a technical practice really), I realized where I was to go with that.

And then I sat down and wrote, for lack of a better word….
My Blog Thesis.
{or perhaps a better term: my blogs mission statement}

My “About Moi.”
My official “Welcome to Le Musings of Moi.”

And rightly so….I’ve decided to link it to the “About Moi” title under my header.

Written there you will find my heart.
My passion.
And my promise to you on what you can and will always find here at Le Musings of Moi,
no matter what kind of post I’m writing or sharing.
It may very well be the MOST IMPORTANT post you may ever read on this blog yet.
{and I say that very UN-dramatically.}

I hope you’ll click and read.
I hope you’ll understand me that much better.
I hope you’ll feel less alone.
Or less weird.
Or more normal.

{or whatever it is you need to feel today}….

And I hope mostly you’ll come back and be or, continue to be, a part of this.

Because as much as it’s been a hard lesson to learn, and despite what I believed in my teens and 20’s….
This really ISN’T all about me.

And it isn’t about a ton of followers or comments or stats or numbers, it’s about joining together to make it through this life.

We need each other.

And I have realized, I most definitely need you.

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”

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  1. I love it, Summer!


  2. Love! As you know, I have been struggling with bloggy stuff forever. Just can’t even get started, let alone decide what I want to write about. I love the idea of feeling a need.

    And I “live” that you put yourself out there. 😉 We all go through something. Some have it easy, some don’t. But seeing that someone else is facing difficulty at times makes it a little less lonely.

    Love you. xo

  3. You are SO freakin awesome Summer!!! Amazing post!!!

  4. “We need each other” there is no truer statement. We can’t go it alone.

  5. this was such a perfect blog post. change is definitely a very important thing, and i think wait to see what changes you make with your blog!
    xo TJ

  6. Summer – what a great post! Thanks for including me. And I can’t believe it was just me who responded to your tweet. Definitely a devinely inspired connection. It’s funny, but I gave you something, and you gave something to me too. Reading your about made me revisit my history with depression. It made me wonder whether God’s opening up that topic for me too. Thanks to your playful, honest “about” post! Way to go!

  7. Such a good post. I still have yet to answer those questions myself, so thank your mentor from me! 😉

  8. Great post! I have to say that I fell out of love with Oprah when she blasted James Frey. I’m so glad she was able to admit she was wrong. Girlfriend was so mean!!

  9. Whoa! I love it. :) great post and seriously some good stuff to think about.

  10. Awesome post, nothing like transparency!

  11. Absolutely beautiful! Found you thru Casey! I’m your newest follower :)

    The Foley Fam Blog

  12. i love this and we do need each other. we do. thanks for sharing your heart.

    i am a new follower too. :-) sharing our hearts is a good thing.


  13. Good for you! I feel like I am constantly trying to figure out exactly what I want my blog to be.

  14. Awesome post. Make the change!


  15. Thank you for being so honest. Most of the time I feel like I’m the Mom that’s doing it wrong. My son did throw a tantrum in Walmart today lol.

    New Follower!