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monday muse: home edition

For those of you new to Monday Muse, I have created this day special for you.
I want this to be a platform where you get to inspire us.
Whether it’s through your fashion style,
your home style,
your DIY’s,
your ways to save,
your own personal testimony,
or how you overcame a particular challenge in your life….
I want this to become a place and day where lives will be touched and changed and we will each be INSPIRED because of you.

With that said……
Here is my sweet incredible friend, Jennifer.
{who will be back another day with another amazing story!}


Hi everyone!  I’m Jennifer from The Wayman Family Nest.  I’m excited to share our home tour with you today.  
Thanks for having me Summer!
Although it sounds cliche, I would describe our style as eclectic.  Our home is a mixture of modern, shabby chic, and traditional elements.  Our house is filled with photographs and items that are meaningful to us.  We love finding “gems” from Goodwill and repurposing them into something that we’re proud of.  Although it’s a work in progress, it meets my goal of being both welcoming and functional! 
Living Room
This is the room we spend the majority of our time. For a smaller home, our living room is actually a pretty good size.  Since it’s the first room you see when you walk in, I wanted the room to feel open and inviting. I’d love a lighter colored couch one day, but this one gets the job done for now!
The kitchen was one of the first rooms (along with the master bathroom) we remodeled when we first moved in.  Since it’s a galley kitchen, I knew that I wanted to do white cabinets to keep it feeling light and airy.  My favorite part of this room would have to be the tile backsplash.  We went without a backsplash for about 3 1/2 years, so I was over the moon last summer when I found something I loved!  Read more about that here.
Dining Room
We went through SEVERAL shades of green when trying to determine what color to paint our dining area. Why are greens so hard to pick?!  The table is an original formica table from the 40s from the hubby’s grandparents.  It’s in such great shape and I love the retro vibe it gives the space!  The floating shelves were a project we tackled last summer.  Read more about that here and here.
Master Bathroom
The bathroom was room in the most dire need of help when we moved in our home.  There were AT LEAST 4 different shades of pink going on in there.  YIKES!  You have to check out the “before” pictures on our blog to fully appreciate how far we’ve come!
Master Bedroom
This room definitely needs a little TLC.  Things I’m happy with: the drapes, the Anthropologie accent table, and the lamps.  The rest of it could use a littlle lovin’.  We bought the 2 dressers and end tables from West Elm when we got married.  Even though I’m already itching to do something a little lighter (the room is so darn dark!), the hubby wouldn’t be too happy with me if I were to pull a switcheroo.  So, for now, a little artwork would go a long way in this space.  We have absolutely NOTHING on the walls!  I guess I’m just waiting for something to literally jump out at me!
This is not really a functional working office, but more of an organized space.  I do love the shelving with my little organized labeled IKEA boxes.  A new desk and chair are definitely in order, but this gets the job done for now!
Ahhh, I saved my favorite room in the house for last!  What?!  The hallway can’t be your favorite room, you say???  Well I beg to differ.  Check out the stripe project the hubby graciously took on for me here and here.  I just look at my beautiful stripes and smile!  Definitely a labor of love!
Well, there you have our little home tour!  I left out 2 rooms that we have plans for once we get the nursery going, so check back on our blog for updates!  Right now they’re just a huge mess. A big thank you to the wonderful Summer for having me on her FABULOUS blog today!

If you have something to share and want to be a part of Monday Muse, click this link for more details!

© 2012 “Le Musings of Moi”
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a new shopping twist….ooooooh snap!

As some of you bright young things may have noticed, I’ve been using Fridays as my day to catch you up on ALL the HI-larious and quite entertaining SheKnows Mommalogues.
You guys.
This here gig I have?
Besides my blog….and you (duh)….oh ya and my family and my faith…..
this Mommalogue thing, it’s kind of my calling.
If you haven’t noticed, I quite love being in front of the camera.
I don’t know why.
I think I’m the BIGGEST dork.
And I analyze EVERY pore, misplaced bang, and weird eye roll that I do….but I just love it SO.
And I need you guys to love it too.
Because if I haven’t made it clear yet, there isn’t enough therapy in the world, that could keep me from needing your approval.
{again, only being slightly dramatic.}
Another thing?
Because a lot of you have been asking about headbands and clothes and things in the background that you see, I’m going to start posting here on Fridays all the deets about what is going on with, on, and around me.
So at the very least, if you don’t find me entertaining, you can at least see if I have anything you might want to shop for….
Listen, I am just trying to please EVERYONE.
It’s the way God made me.
And why I am paying for expensive therapy.
{you think that’s a joke, but it isn’t.  see?  nothing but the truth from me!}
And now we begin….with what you MAY have missed on the SheKnows Mommalogues.
And, all the links and details about what I’m wearing.
{click title to see video, because it wouldn’t embed, but it was my fave video of the week.}
Lately I’ve become, well….slightly obsessed with The Duggars of 19 kids and counting.  I just adore them.  I love Michelles curly bangs, and Jim Bob’s two names, I love their love for Jesus, and I die for each and every one of their kids.  Especially the “J” names ones to be exact.  And since this obsession has come along, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that sometimes for a brief moment while I watch their show or read their books that I didn’t consider having just a few or 17 more.  But then the show ends, and Taylor is writhing on the floor again because he’s “hurt” and Chloe’s crying because I won’t watch her pee, and I’m reminded of my reality.  Also?  I don’t curl my bangs, and Jimmy is just Jim.  So maybe we don’t have what it takes after all.

what i’m wearing:
amazing ribbon headband with fabric flowers from Charlotte Russe
I took to Facebook for this one.  I mean, what is Facebook for if not to reconnect with each and every person who ever attended your elementary, junior high and high school, am I right?!?  And they didn’t disappoint either.  There were a few stories I’m pretty sure I’m unable to share here on a family kind of show, but the good news is that after all those stories….I think I turned out somewhat okay.  But back then???  I guess the best way to put it, is…I was fun?  Let me try to explain more.






what i’m wearing:
leopard blouse: vintage & thrifted seen here
necklace: jennifer zeuner
gold necklace: thrifted
When it comes to keeping my kids healthy, I believe in keeping them indoors and far far away from other children and/or people for as long as I can.  Actually, no, that would actually quite possibly make me unhealthy in a mental way.  So.  Plan B.  I rely on vitamins and supplements and lots and lots of juicing and sneaking healthy things into their food.  Here are just a few of the tricks I have, but even so….my kids still get sick sometimes.  I’ve learned it’s just a part of life, and it’s really not the end of the world.






what i’m wearing:
zebra print top & black hoodie: tj maxx
background deets:
bed: ikea (so badly want a new one.)
duvet cover: west elm
xo pillowcase: etsy
curtains: handmade with love by my bff, Mari
what i mention:
boku superfood {she gets two cups a day with: 1/2 scoop Boku mixed with half a bag of Instant Carnation Breakfast}
probiotics: my kids take Florabear
vitamins: we are currently trying the Rainbow ones, they like them okay.  might try melaleuca next.
I’m just wondering….is this something that happens to people often?  Like, are people seeking out crazy places to change diapers?  Because I am just at a loss.  Maybe we’re just boring bathroom going people, but I can’t really think of anyplace too insane..  Actually, when I asked my husband he had a few suggestions that he thought were inappropriate, but I beg to disagree.  See what you think.






what i’m wearing:
fabric flower black top: tj maxx

Do my kids have security blankets or special attachments?
When I was little I never had any attachments to blankies or stuffed animals.  Instead I sucked my thumb.  Way gross.  And I was always may-jah jealous of my friends that had ragged stuffed animals or torn and well loved blankies.  So much so, that as an adult I was determined to make sure my kids had something they found to be comforting, and not have it be their thumb.  Thankfully God heard my prayers.  I know some moms want to take away such items at a certain age, but I actually love it and encourage them to keep it with them as long as they want.  Maybe even until their adults?  What?  I don’t see anything wrong with an adult still sleeping with a teddy bear okay?  Oh wait…we are talking about my kids.  Here they are to show you the things they love and adore and what they absolutely cannotsleep without. (and trust me, I’ve driven to far away places to pick these items when they’ve been left behind.)







{if I missed linking to anything, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add them!}

Hope you guys have a GREAT WEEKEND!
I have spent the first two days of my vacation with the worst cold/flu, but I’m sure tomorrow is my day.
And I can’t wait to leave the bed (kind of) and see a little bit of Colorado!!!
{i mean thrift stores of course.}

It has been quite nice, besides the body aches, having a chance to lay around in cozies and having NOTHING to do because I CAN’T and I DON’T HAVE TO.

I didn’t yell once today.
I never felt irritated.

So being sick without kids?
Not so bad.

{except for you guys that don’t have kids, for YOU, it’s totally bad.  ALMOST as bad as the Man Cold.}

Happy Weekending.

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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what i wore out: pleather ~ pleats & leather


what i’m wearing:
top: walmart!  i keep telling you guys, i’m classy.  a TOTAL name brand snob.
jacket: apple bottom jeans, platos closet
skirt: thrifted & vintage…the tag says greenstyle, and of course i fell madly deeply in love because a) it was long, duggar style and b) it has pleats, old lady style.
headband: h&m, to keep some kind of style street cred.
shoes: steve madden, tj maxx
hair: pulled into a messy pony and tucked into the headband to look like a short pony


My sister (with whom i am soon debuting an amazeball blog with) turned me onto this YouTube channel.
I’m slightly addicted.

This one made me totally laugh…
It is SO me.
And goes quite well with my “what i wore out” posts.
“Cause I’m a Model.”

I think I may have found my long lost best friend.

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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when you get this, i’ll already be gone

{me last night….i totally looked like her too.}
Today, I’m leaving on jet plane to….
Alllllll alone.
{imagine me singing, “all by myself…just wanna be…all by myself….”  with jazz hands.}

No kids.
No husband.
For 7 blissful days.
I even bribed one of my sisters to meet me, and we’ll be lounging snow side with our aunt who lives there.
There will be a ton of sleeping, a whole lot of thrift store shopping, a little pinteresting (or is it pinning?) and I also plan to visit their gym (or is it a spa?) every single day.
Also, I plan to lose the 10+ pounds of winter weight I’ve put on, simply by being close to a gym.
Or spa.
Then again if the working out doesn’t happen, and the ten pounds remain, there will always these pants….
{which, btw, Jolt totally makes a NON MATERNITY version of, and I adore and wear so don’t judge.}

And also?
I get to meet Angela.
My sweet friend who I feel like I know, but have never met, but have absolutely worn the Vintage DVF trench she found at a thrift store and sent to me.
{is there a better friend than that?!?}
She goes to my aunt’s church.

It was meant to be.

I’ll still be writing while I’m there, because what better time than to be real and honest and funny while RELAXING???
I am SO FUNNY and TOTALLY FUN when I’m relaxed.
Did I already point out…
That I’ll be WITHOUT KIDS????
I may never get another 7 days in a row until they leave the nest.
{they will leave one day, right????}
So, girl time, here I come.
And by girl time, I mean….
{p.s. i have to give you all a heartfelt “thank you!” and an uncomfortably long hug for all the encouraging emails and comments you guys left on my blog thesis and what you can expect.  i felt like we had a moment, you and i.  wait, there it was again.  did you feel it too?  xoxo love you.  seriously.}

© 2012 “Le Musings of Moi”
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the 2nd most important post of mine, a must read

I’ve been on this mission.
A blog soul revamp if you will.

Okay, so you know how Oprah every few seasons would change something about her show?
Her theme song…
caring about weight, not caring about weight….
her hairstyles….{the tina turner wig was a few seasons if i remember right}
her favorite actor of the year that would be on every other month sharing their life lessons…

Whatever it was, Oprah knew that sometimes, change was necessary and change was good.

I’m no Oprah.
Nor do I worship her the way some do.
Although, after she apologized to James Frey, I did make my peace enough to possibly allow a friendship.


I’ve been feeling this deep desire in my heart that God was calling me to make a change with my blog, or at the very least, a change in my heart towards my blog.

At first I wondered if it was to end my blog, because I like to be dramatic and drastic like that.  And for awhile I considered that in prayer or by constantly asking Jimmy if I should “just quit the blog already.”

I didn’t actually get an audible answer, (either from God or Jimmy), but I never quite got the feeling that quitting right now was the right path to take.

Feelings aren’t always reliable, especially mine Jimmy says, but I’m going to go with this one.

And so one day I put out into the universe (Twitter) just how amazing it would be to have a bloggy mentor help me discover the soul and purpose of my blog.

And yes, I do know my blog doesn’t have an actual SOUL.

Moving on….

And then one amazing godly lady responded, (thank you universe, twitter, GOD)….and we spent the next few days emailing back and forth.

And then she wrote this:
“My question is this: who are you writing to and what do they need? (One sentence). To grow your blog, you have to fill that need. Once you answer that question, the answer goes on your “About” page, and it lives in between the lines in every single post you write. The more clear it is who you are writing to and what you offer them, the more they’ll come and bring friends because you’re the blogger who writes about (fill in the blank).”

I mean, WOAH!

Since we’re on the Oprah topic, can I just say that I may have had an “AHA moment?!?”
{and now that i’ve used that term, i will try never to again.}

I then spent the next few days obsessing, or rather PRAYING (what we christians sometimes call obsessing so as to appear “better christians”) that my dear Jesus would show me exactly what that one sentence, that ONE need was, that He had me begin and CONTINUE this blog for.

One word I kept coming to, because I CLEARLY have issues, is “imperfection…and um, issues.”

Well now.
We can’t very well have an entire blog where I am constantly sharing my imperfections and issues, now can we?
I’m pretty sure that doesn’t invite friends to invite friends.

But, the more I pondered (that’s what us writers do, we ponder, it’s quite a technical practice really), I realized where I was to go with that.

And then I sat down and wrote, for lack of a better word….
My Blog Thesis.
{or perhaps a better term: my blogs mission statement}

My “About Moi.”
My official “Welcome to Le Musings of Moi.”

And rightly so….I’ve decided to link it to the “About Moi” title under my header.

Written there you will find my heart.
My passion.
And my promise to you on what you can and will always find here at Le Musings of Moi,
no matter what kind of post I’m writing or sharing.
It may very well be the MOST IMPORTANT post you may ever read on this blog yet.
{and I say that very UN-dramatically.}

I hope you’ll click and read.
I hope you’ll understand me that much better.
I hope you’ll feel less alone.
Or less weird.
Or more normal.

{or whatever it is you need to feel today}….

And I hope mostly you’ll come back and be or, continue to be, a part of this.

Because as much as it’s been a hard lesson to learn, and despite what I believed in my teens and 20’s….
This really ISN’T all about me.

And it isn’t about a ton of followers or comments or stats or numbers, it’s about joining together to make it through this life.

We need each other.

And I have realized, I most definitely need you.

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”

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a new monday muse: where YOU inspire us

Today we have Martin, who offered to spend some time on my blog reading my posts, watching my videos, and reading the comments of those who take the time.  
And when he was done, he wrote a poem.

A poem that captured my heart and I hope the hearts of many of you who are in the same place of life as I am.
No Need For……
You’re a wonderful mom,
there’s no need for guilt.
A beautiful family,
with hubby you built.
Raising your kids,
you’re doing just fine.
Their happy faces,
is a very clear sign.
Sometimes you feel,
you’re not doing enough.
On yourself,
don’t be so tough.
Making a difference in your lifetime,
no need to be afraid.
Just look in their eyes,
and the impact you’ve made.
Worried about their health,
and their education.
Please trust yourself,
no need for frustration.
Your life and your family,
is special and sweet.
With the Duggars or Joneses,
there’s no need to compete.
At night when you wake,
your sleeping children inspire.
They love you so dearly,
they truly admire.
God bless you and your family Summer,
Do you have something to share on Monday Muse?
Click here for more details!
© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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take your farts outside, please…and other stuff

This week on the Mommalogues, I brought Jimmy in on one of the videos.
I don’t know why, but the ones he’s in, are by FAR my favorite.
Needless to say, you have to watch this first one….
{and then all the rest too of course!}

I had to take the camera to Jimmy on this one, because I wanted to know if he actually has been paying attention to what I’ve been saying drives me bah-na-na’s over these last 9 years.  Turns out, he has.  He just hasn’t had the chance to do anything to make things different….yet.  But, men are slow.  And I am learning patience…. 
I have to say, in addition to the things he mentions, I must also make it clear that Whining and Sassy Pants Attitudes (when it’s not belonging to me) as well as being late but not calling also kind of drives me crazy.  Other than allll that?  I’m really just a laid back mom/chick/wife, and it really takes a lot to get my panties in a bunch.






You know, down here in Southern California it gets pretty cold during the winter months, so the things we can do are really limited. Like, if we go to the beach, we have to wear hoodies with our flip flops. Ot, at night when it dips into the 60’s we tend to snuggle up to a fire with a warm blanket and cup of delicious hot chocolate. Sometimes even, drive to the snow and really enjoy a true “winter experience” before we head back home for a dip in the pool. So, like I said, winter activities here……definitely a lot different than the rest of the year.






You know as I started thinking about this, I realized $1000 really could go really quick.  But because I am my fathers daughter, and being thrifty is my middle name, I am determined to make this imaginary $1000 dollar spending spree go as far as possible.  And because we are in make believe land, I am going to make the most of it, and spend it alone.  Which means, part of that dough has to go to a babysitter.  Let’s see how the math works out.






And the others you may have missed but need to see:

Because I don’t (can’t) cook, when I think of favorite meals, I automatically think of food I can order out.  For this video I went to my son, Taylor, who knows just what it is I like the best when it comes to eating.  Mostly because I’ve, oops, kind of trained him to like the same things.  But, what he doesn’t know is that there are recipes and real food that I like too.  Like chicken and dumplings, which is all kinds of amazing but I can’t cook it and nobody ever offers to make it for me.  And so because that is a rare occurrence, we’ll just go with what Taylor has to say.  He does know me best.
I know the cliché answer to this is to say, “I wouldn’t change a thing about my past because it brought me to where I am today, content and happy and in love.”  But, by now you should probably know that I don’t always say the “right” or “acceptable” thing.  Because in fact, there is quite a lot I wish I could do over.  Like certain ex boyfriends.  Bad fashion trends. (a perm, really?!?) Moving to Idaho?!?  But more than all that, I think there is one thing that I really wish I could go back and do over.  The good news is….get ready for an Oprah moment in one second….that it’s NEVER to late to make a change.  Go ahead…write that down, and then come back and watch this video.


Starting next month we are changing things up slightly at the SheKnows Mommalogues….
So, stay tuned, and don’t forget to check back each day for new topics and discussion!!!

Have a GREAT weekend guys!

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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small style

I love that Chloe has such a joy and hope about her.
{her middle name just so happens to be Hope}
She runs and lives with such a happiness about her.



She finds pleasure in such simple things, and loves to ask:
“Are you happy?!?”
Because that’s her desire…
to make people happy.




….and yet she is so much like her mom.
Slightly shy, slightly unsure, and timid to give her heart too quickly….
She takes her time warming up.
But the wait is so worth it.


Taylor is my tender hearted soul.
His mind and thoughts (and hurts and fears) run deep.
He’s always thinking, always pondering.
His mind literally NEVER stops.
 But underneath the spinning mind, is a heart that loves.
And he’s not afraid to show it.
I love all of that about him.

{nothing more handsome than a boy with his bible}

Chloe loves the camera.
She loves picking out and shopping for and wearing clothes, shoes, makeup and jewelry.
She is my mini me.


Taylor wants nothing to do with the camera…and would rather be doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.
Unless it’s a competition, and then he’s in it to win it.
He is a mini Jimmy.


But he inherited a part of me….
the part that wants to let go of the thoughts,
of the control,
and just smile.
The part that wants to be free.
To laugh.
and just jump on in.


We are all so different in this family, yet all so incredibly alike.
We get angry and frustrated and sad.


We let go, and laugh, and have fun.


And we try to stop taking ourselves so seriously all the freaking time and just let loose and be silly.


These are my babies.
My mini me.
My mini Jimmy.

And I adore them with all my heart and soul.
They ARE my heart and soul.

What we’re wearing:
my outfit: see yesterdays “it’s what i wore out” post.

Skirt: top, and socks: Target
Shoes: Converse (chuck taylors) from Marshalls $10
Jacket: Hurley also from Marshalls

Sweater: Hurley from TJ Maxx
Jeans:  Old Navy 
Shoes: DC from Ross

{linking up with my sweet friend Morgan, you must check out her small style linkup!}

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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its what i wore out: it’s black, it’s white, ya ya ya



what i’m wearing:
~dress: I found this at a thrift store in Texas and woah’d the moment I saw it.  $4.  Jessica Howard brand.  It’s so mod, right?  The tag looks vintage, but I’m not sure Jessica Howard even HAS vintage.
Either way, I love it.
Actually, all of my favorite pieces I own in my closet are from a thrift store.
Everything is so fun and unique and has such a mysterious story to tell.
ahhhh….it’s making me smile just thinking about it.
~leggings: forever 21
~boots: vintage f21 {meaning they are over 2 years old. lol}
~sunnies & ring:  also f21, also vintage
~feather earrings:  I found these at a cute little boutique in Texas when I was visiting my sister and they were in the clearance section.  I think I scored them for maybe $4.  LOVE!
~bracelet:  my “mom” bracelet, a tiffany & co. knockoff that Taylor bought me for Christmas from his school store.
I may just treasure it more than anything real from Tiffany’s that I own at the moment.
{sorry Jimmy.}

btw, this combo: dress/tunic with leggings and boots?
Yes, I am aware it’s my winter staple outfit.
It’s warm and comfy, AND it hides my winter fat.
{or at least it tries.}


These pictures were taken after church on Sunday, and I was super excited because I LOVE/have a slight fascination with this retaining wall.
{not nearly as much as Jimmy does though.}
Did you know that this wall is the largest retaining wall in all of something?
Or maybe it was that it’s the longest continuous wall of that kind in the U.S.?

Well, it’s something MAY-JAH like that at least.

And that’s just the word on the street (another way to say i heard from a friend who heard from a friend, a.k.a. gossip), but I haven’t fact checked it yet.

Either way, it’s kind of a cool backdrop, no?

{and just for the record, for those of you asking, I DO sometimes smile showing my teeth!  see above!  aren’t you so proud?!?}

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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hair decisions: back to blonde or stay ombre?

In just a couple weeks I have a life changing decision to make.

Do I stay with the ombre I have going on?


or….do I go back to my blonde roots?
{which give me roots way more often….the only drawback.  sigh.}



I canNOT decide on this for the life of me.

On one side, I love that I can go longer between salon visits (which saves me $) because my roots aren’t so severe.
On the other side, I feel like having blonde next to my face makes me happier and lighter and like a real life blonde.
BUT….the roots show faster which makes appointments closer together.

You just can’t have it all, can you?
Or maybe some of you can, but that’s just not my real life.

So all you people who read and don’t comment, now’s not the time to be shy.
I need your help.
Ombre for another few months, or go back to blonde now?

Be opinionated.
{but kind}

{fashion post to these pictures to come tomorrow.}

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