hair do i did: simple fancy


{super easy to do. simply put on a headband but not under your hair, then twist hair over & under the headband}

Jimmy came home from work quite happy about this particular ‘do.  He LOVES when I wear my hair back, and so he was quite impressed with the newfound way to funk it up.  It’s so adorable how just these little things, like doing my hair in a way he likes, makes him smile.

….and now a word NOT about hair:

I gotta say, this week was an introspective one.  You notice?
I’ve been in analyzing mode quite a bit, and sometimes I wish I could just….relax.
I’m in MAY-jah questioning mode about my blog…like, what are my intentions and where should my focus be?  I find myself wondering where it should go from here, and after all this time, if there is still a place among all the many for what I think I have to share….
I’m questioning the job I’m doing as a mom.  Am I loving enough, giving enough attention, being in the moment enough, teaching and showing the heart of Jesus enough?
I question myself.  A lot.  Is this decision right?  Would that decision be better?  Am I growing and learning and is it all enough?  I put so much pressure on myself…I hate to disappoint.
And then there are all the other inner thoughts of my heart…such as….
Working with the youth girls at my church, brings me back to a place where everything changed in my life.
{it’s a story i have yet to share, but I will.  soon.}
And it’s good now, but I look at them…at the age I was…and I just want it to be different for them NOW.
And so I make a promise to God to love them, and be there for them, and hope that somehow I can provide a place of acceptance…of unconditional love….of understanding….that may never otherwise be there in the things they are dealing with.

Ya, and you thought you were getting a hair post.
Sometimes that’s me though.
In one moment I’m excited about hair, and the next, I’m pondering the deep meaning and issues of life.

There’s a chick for ya.

And you?
Any good hair tips you want to share?
Deep thoughts you’ve been having?

Let’s be chicks together.
Don’t leave me hanging.
It could be very awkward otherwise. 

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  1. Summer the hair is gorgeous. Like MAYYYJOOORRRRR. The introspective, is normal. You say what others are thinking hot momma. Honest. Happy weekender! xox!

  2. I love love love that hairstyle! I know prom is still far away, but I want my hair to look like THAT. :) Pretty.


  3. Yup, that’s what girls do. Ponder the deep and the shallow.

    I love that ‘do! Very cute.

  4. leave that in overnight & see your cute curls!

    I question myself all the time about my parenting :( You are a good mama, or at least seem to me to be one. :)

  5. Seriously. I wonder sometimes if we were separated at birth. Like fo real.

    It is SO me to blog my heart out about something so deep and personal then turn around and post about a manicure I did.

    I like what Gigi said, we ponder the deep and shallow. And that’s ok. It’s part of what makes us women {or even human actually}. I question myself ALL THE TIME. My health coach says I need to make this my mantra: I’m doing the best I can. But it’s so hard.

    <3 you!

  6. Love the do! How funny cause I have done my hair that way three times since last Saturday! My new fave style with stretchy headbands!

  7. Okay, that hairdo is beyond gorgeous. I’d try it but I fear it wouldn’t turn out nearly as cute!

  8. ok…i need you to come over and do my hair. like now. when are you coming to visit? i need more summer in my life.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  9. new from follower fest! love the summery hair!

  10. Oh it is beyond amazing from the side, super fancy gal!