hair ‘do i did: little buns, big curls

What started with this:
By the next morning became this:
And with a couple of hours and a little Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine, it became this:
And of course, it’s all thanks to the lovely Maegan, who is the MASTER of wearing big hair amazingly.
I loved this look SO much that I may just need to move to Texas so I can pull it off every day of the week.
Or just do it every other week here in Cali.
Probably the latter for now….
© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. I love the end result! It looks very

  2. I think I need to try this. An effortless way to have pretty curls. YES PLEASE :)

  3. I love this!! Your hair looks great!

  4. Love!

  5. I love big hair! I’ve done this before but it gets a little too curly because my hair is not as long. I also love to shampoo, towel dry, then not comb and just pile it up on my head with 6 or more clips and let dry. Gives a beachy look.

  6. I did the same thing on my blog this morning!! haha I love it, big beautiful curls! I can’t wait to follow along!

  7. It seriously turned out PERFECT!!! You are my best student, lololol 😉 xoxoxo

  8. Wait, did I already comment here? lol …I’m losing my mind.

  9. ahhh, i love it! and you’re welcome down here in texas anytime – bring your fantastic style and big hair! :)

  10. It did turn out perfect… I tried on myself last night. Ehm… not so much. Not sure where I went wrong, but epic fail this morning.

  11. I love it too…curls and waves look so awesome on long hair!!!

  12. looks fabulous!!


  13. AMAZING… seriously it came out exactly how it was supposed to!! xx

  14. thank you! i love doing it!!! xoxo