hair do i did: twist/fishtail tutorial

I know I took a week off the videos….a little something called pms captured me last week…
But, I’m BACK!
And with a hair tutorial this time.
Only, as I was taping the tutorial (last saturday)….real life happened, and it just couldn’t be edited out.
And because life happened, I couldn’t film another take.
Welcome to my life. =)
And then go immediately after to take your birth control.

Let me just say that it was a fire ant bite which caused the drama.
And I ended up taking her WITH me to dinner and drinks, because I am a mama that rolls with the punches.
I am also a mama that needed a girls night out…
and also maybe a drink.
{i just had one! don’t judge!}

Plus, I did my hair!
And my makeup!
Someone had to see!!!

She whined and cried through most of it…on my lap…while I tried to eat and drink.
But doggone it, I had my night out.

© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. And that just really is what life is like sometimes. I think its great when we’re not always writing about how peachy keen everything is. Can I just say how perfec this post is that I stumbled across it however as my gf and I were talking about fishtail braids today and I said it was going to be my staple summer hair do. I just need to grow my layers at the front a little longer! Great post :)

    Anna xo

  2. ahhh, the life of a mama! you did the right thing, you made both work!

  3. Just so you know…all of this pain, and fishtail and baby girl hurting was not in vain….YOU totally FINALLY made me understand the fishtail braid!!!! This is huge. I watch a hundred tutorials on it. But nope. Nada. Nothing. I think it was the talking, so thank YOU!!!!!! It looks so awesome. Doing tomorrow.

  4. The whole “Jesus can be your alcohol” tangent at the end? Priceless! It made me laugh hard. I had to re-watch it. Glad to know I’m not the only one who throws out sacrilegious comments trying to be funny.

  5. Awww…lol…poor Summer! It’s always mama’s that has to “fix” dramas. *sigh* I feel ya!

    Hopefully you get your girls night out soon…and just the “adult” girls and not with the little lady ;O) I udnerstand!

  6. Ok, you are hilarious and adorable! And, you totally make me want to cut blunt bangs again. hmmmm

    I really hope you get a make-up girls night (with MORE than one drink)!

  7. I had really long hair and chopped it all off about 6 months ago. Last week I decided to grow it back out and after seeing this video? I hope it grows back fast because hello? Super cute!

    I’m glad you got your night out anyhow.

  8. I love your hair! Totally insparation for me to grow mine out!

  9. I love you hair! totally inspiration for me to grow mine out!

  10. I wanted to hug you through the computer again. I can just imagine the deflation occurring after reading J’s text. I’m glad you still managed to get out. :)


  11. LOVE THIS! Makes me want to grow my hair longer. Dangit, if only it would…