book club addition: going public

It’s time to add another book to the book club list…which is, if you aren’t following along, the list of books that I’ve read and LOVED and want all my friends to read as well.
Right now I’m in the non-fiction phase…and the new addition is called Going Public, which I am REALLY liking.
This may cause many of you to gasp, but I’m a christian mom raising what I hope will be godly children, and I don’t send them to christian schools nor do I homeschool.
Now stop the judging.  
{half talking to myself there.}
What’s more insane is that among my close girlfriends, I’m one of the only ones who DOESN’T homeschool.
Well actually….I do kinda homeschool.  
After all, my kids DO watch Letter Factory (english/reading), Team Umizoomi (math), and Dino Dan (science). 
So that counts a little, right?
{patting myself on the back there just a tad.}
We really struggled with our decision to send Taylor to public schools, especially when it seemed we were the only ones, but with where we are in life at the moment, it was the decision we believed was best.
And this book, Going Public, has most definitely helped me find peace in my decision.
Let me just say though, that when it comes to stuff like this, I believe it really is each to their own.
You have do what is best for YOUR family, and for YOUR children.

This book just gives another perspective in the decision making process.
If you’ve read it, or do read it, I’d love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Sounds like a brave decision. My sister wanted nothing more than a private education for my nephew but it hasn’t worked out that way (they’ve moved a lot for her job.) The way she manages it is by being in the classroom, talking to her son about school, keeping in contact with the teacher.

  2. Three of my second cousins were homeschooled and I find that they lack a lot of social skills and don’t know how to interact with kids their own age/people outside their family. I’m all for public education or even private, but I think sometimes homeschooling is just a little too much sheltering. Just my personal opinion but I feel socialization is just as important as education.

  3. Public schools won’t improve if everyone abandons/avoids public schools.

    My two boys have always been public school kids (even though the rest of the family homeschools – no tension there) and we’ve had a great experience, mainly because I’ve stayed involved. (Too many people treat school as a free babysitter).

    Granted, the boys have had some pretty lackluster teachers in the past, but we’ve talked about how you have to learn to deal with different/difficult personalities throughout life and that you have to take the initiative for your own success.

    So don’t feel guilty. You made the right decision for your family. That’s all we can ever do.

    And thanks for the book referral, I’m curious enough to read it now. :-)

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation! Definitely something we are thinking about as our boys get older. I am surrounded by homeschool and private school families as well, within our social circle. Would love to hear some positive words on public education.