to ribbon or not to ribbon?

My brain is on overload, and I think if I don’t get busy and tackle some projects this weekend, it might just burst.
Not only do I have some serious painting to do (desks, tables, frames), I also need to narrow down fabric for curtains and decide on these lamps….
What started like this:
Turned into these:
And now I’m wondering does it need this?
{taped on some ribbon just to see…}
What are your thoughts?
And tell me your plans this weekend are just as exciting???
© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. It definitely makes it look more sophisticated/chic with the ribbon!

  2. Yes yes yes! Love the ribbon.

  3. yes it needs it…ties the black and white in from the table…cute stuff, you little cutie pie!

  4. great transformation. i like it both ways. :)

  5. I think I prefer the clean lines of the plain lamp shade with everything else going on, but the ribbons are pretty cute too!

  6. ummmm, FANTASTIC!!!!!

  7. JUST seeing the table, I think it’s fine without it. Maybe if I saw the whole shot of the room I would think otherwise? I like simplicity though :)

  8. you have inspired me to go find me some lamps!

    i like the simple look. if you want to ribbon it, what about just a ribbon on the top or the bottom? what would that look like?

  9. LOVE the ribbon, but I would ditch the flowers if you go with the ribbon because the styles clash. The ribbon is sophisticated/elegant, and the flowers are more playful.

  10. Without a doubt – add the ribbon.

  11. Loving the color…no ribbon! I hope you have a great weekend honey.

    If you didn’t hear my good news, check it out! Kori xoxo

  12. My husband and I vote for the ribbon.

  13. I like the ribbon, however, i wish it were about half the width. it seems to attract too much attention to itself. I’m thinking it needs to be an understated accent.

  14. i like it without the ribbon!

  15. LOVe the wide ribbon! It looks chic and bold and amazing with your dressers!! Do it! xox!

  16. If it were me, I’d just do ribbon on the bottom edge of the shade…

  17. the ribbon looks amazing – add it!!

  18. Holy cow I love that color you painted them. What is it?? (sorry if I missed it elsewhere) I do like the ribbons! Maybe something slightly skinner so you can see the white on either side? I think Danielle from D. Oakey Designs just did some ribbon on lampshades, for an idea. Going to look great either way :) Go you! xo

  19. That colour is awesome against the gray and with the black and white it just pops!

    I wish I was crafty and creative. This is great work you’ve done!

  20. i like both. depends on if you are going more sophisticated or fun. its a bit busy, at least with that particular ribbon. but cute!

  21. I like it both ways, but I think I prefer without.