she makes me crafty

Sometimes in life you just get lucky, and God blesses you with a person like this:
Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 6.07.47 PM
Meet my sweet friend Gilly (aka Gillian) whom I love and adore…

And when I say “friend” I mean long lost soul sister because we swear we were separated at birth.
Ya know, if we had been born the same day and year and all that.
Which we weren’t (same month though, sag’s unite!)….but still….
It’s crazy how similar we are.
Lovers of:
organic (on non pizza days)
talking about poop
pete yorn
bright colors
forever 21
thrift stores
vintage furniture
reality tv
chunky jewelry
sweets and chocolate
Non lovers of:
whiny kids
grumpy husbands
{can i get a whut whut?!?}
And while I won’t go on and on about all the ways she makes me happy, I will go on and on about all the ways she makes me crafty.
Take a look at all she’s taught me so far….
{wreath for chloe’s room}
{front door wreath}
tutorial here
{tissue paper flowers…may change them to different colors eventually}
tutorial here

{fabulous felt flowers}
Kind of fun, ya?
You should also see the cute little hair clips she just busted out for Chloe out of nowhere…
{too lazy to snap pictures at the moment, but i will}
Now normally I’m not the crafting type, as I’d rather pay someone to make me handcrafted things…
but I guess that’s when you know you found someone special.
You know….when they make you crafty.
I just have to draw the line at scrapbooking.
I tried it once…and I got kicked out of the club.

I’ll stick to felt flowers.

¬© 2011 “Le Musings of Moi”
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  1. would your Gilly friend mind posting a “how to” on the amazing wreath?? I am in LOVE and MUST have one!!! pretty pretty please??

  2. It’s so wonderful to have amazing friends. I love the paper flowers. I will definitely have to check out the tutorial because I have tons of tissue paper.

  3. Cute stuff! My middle name was Gillian until I got married and moved my maiden name over… Unusual name- really cute crafts!

  4. Loving those wreaths!!!!

  5. Very cute stuff!!
    I love crafty people to kick my butt into gear to get all my projects finished. :)